Magellan RoadMate for iPhone updated, want a promo code? [give away]

Magellan Releases Update of Magellan RoadMate App for iPhone

Magellan RoadMate for iPhone has just been updated to version 1.3 and that means a it's received several new features to help you better and more enjoyably navigate from point A to point B:

  • Location-based offers and coupons – First branded GPS App to provide relevant offers on-screen while you route to your destination. Users can re-route to the sponsoring store’s location or save promotional coupons for redemption at a later time.
  • iOS 4.0 support – Multitasking capabilities enable navigation with turn-by-turn instructions and continuous routing to run in the background while using other applications.
  • LifeTime real-time traffic information – Included free in the version 1.3 update, users can avoid traffic congestion by comparing current and proposed alternative routes, making well-informed decisions ahead of traffic delays.
  • Sharing points of interest – Users can easily share destinations and POIs via email using the RoadMate app.

To celebrate the update Magellan RoadMate is currently on sale in the iTunes App Store: Magellan RoadMate North America is available for $44.99 (regularly $59.99); Magellan RoadMate USA is $34.99 (regularly $49.99); and Magellan RoadMate Canada is $29.99 (regularly $34.99

They've also given us three (3) promo codes to pass on to you, our awesome readers. Details and screen shots after the break!

[iTunes link]

To enter the give-away just leave a comment in the thread below telling us which of the new features you like best. Make sure to leave a real email address (it won't be public but we'll need it to contact you if you win). As always, promo codes only work in the US App Store (Apple's rule, not ours!)

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There are 370 comments. Add yours.

Martin says:

Of course, Multitasking would be the obvious pick, bu what I really missed being with my TomTom-app wasn't that. It was free real-time traffic information. Just because it really sucks having an awesome route calculation but knowing that you have to pay a fortune to really get fast from A to B without running into some stupid traffic jam.

Mark Krebs says:

Location based coupons is pretty cool

Ethan says:

The real time traffic sounds good, because the only way I can see that now is the google map app (not great) and the local traffic cam app (crashes everytime).

Fred says:

Real time traffic would be really helpful!

gfountaine says:

Real Time Traffic updates. Getting to be more & more necessary here in Northern California

RK says:

Real time traffic updates and multitasking.

okgrjba#IM says:

Multi-tasking and real time traffic.

dtothep says:

real-time traffic is very necessary here in southern california. the roads go from fine, to nightmare, in the course of 20 mins, and it can take an hour to get to the next exit sometimes.

Brent says:

Commuting 60 miles each way daily in Northern Virginia the live traffic is the best new feature. It would assist my commute greatly.

P says:

Real time traffic is awesome

bibeaud says:

To me, the lifetime traffic is the best new feature. As for coupons, don't have them pop up while driving, wait until I reach the final destination.

John H. says:

The feature I think is the best is the real time traffic feature. I also love the idea of the coupons, although it wouldn't get utilized every day like real-time traffic.

A. Clark says:

Real time traffic without constant fee is great

Andy says:

LifeTime real-time traffic information. The GPS App I use doesn't have it for free, and it would be really useful.

B1234 says:

LifeTime real-time traffic information is something I would use a lot.

Larry says:

I'm not crazy about my GPS Traffic App - this looks really cool!

R. Campbell says:

Definitely the real-time traffic information!

jumpman2033 says:

Hands down Real-Time Traffic. Would be so nice to have when traveling to and from work during rush hour.

Maggard says:

The menu for nearest emergency services/nearest gas. Real-time traffic may be nice, but knowing where you can fuel up or where a hospital is is truly invaluable.

dubs says:

Real-time traffic info, FTW

chrishull says:

The real-time traffic update...

Craig says:

The location based coupons and offers

pivale says:

iOS 4.0 support
The fact that I can get in and out of the app without having to wait for it to get a signal again and start routing me correctly is a must!

Ben Grimm says:

I like the location based coupons , that seems to be the hot trend in alot of APP's . I love getting a great deal on a comfort food diner when I am on a long road trip .

Tom says:

I think the real-time traffic info is awesome. It always seems ass though the traffic info on the google maps is behind. says:

Real time traffic updates and the location based coupons

APPCityLife says:

Location based offers are the new frontier - dying to see what I can find on my travel route!

Jason Polaski says:

Defintiely the free real time traffic. Highways here can be notoriously clogged and being, and you never know just when. Multitasking is a close second

Matt says:

gotta go with multitasking but real time traffic is a close second.

rico says:

i like the time traffic especially when you have kids and need to get home
go tipb

Timm says:

I'm loving the multitasking, iOS 4.0 support!

Stephen S. says:

I have to go with the LifeTime real-time traffic information

MacBipes says:

I want the traffic feature for my commute to and from work each day!

GadgetDiva says:

Multitasking hands down!! The real-time traffic is a must have here in Houston and location based coupons is pretty cool.

rabbittpro says:

The Multitasking has to be by far the best feature! Thanks!

jglowe74 says:

free real-time traffic information, FTW!

auds22 says:

Real time traffic information would be the biggest plus for me.

Andrew J says:

How can I pick just one of those features? They are all pretty important. If I do have to choose, I would go with the traffic information. I can't stand sitting in traffic.

Chuck says:

Ownership - something other than default Maps app.

ewok2k says:

the real time traffic would be my favorite feature

will says:

Real time traffic? For Life? Woo Hoo!!!!

Grant Thompson says:

I lobe the real time traffic feature. I live in washington d.c and this feature will better my life. Thank you!!!!

Dre says:

Multitasking for sure!

Shimi says:

I really like the location based coupons. I would love that feature. I always appreciate features that makes life more affordable in this economy.

Jim says:

Sharing Points of interest and the location based coupons sounds great. Multitasking is a must!

Brian (not the same one) says:

Definitely the LifeTime real-time traffic information!

Calvin says:

The location based offers are really nice!

Juliette says:

Multitasking but I just like the Magellan Roadmate in general.

Adam says:

Lifetime free real time traffic is a great new feature that I would love to have!!!

Rob says:

I bought RoadMate shortly after it came out, prior to iOS4 and multitasking. I had patience for the day that it would be updated to support multitasking. Wow, I lost patience! It took Magellan almost a year to "add 4 lines of code" as Jobs put it in the big iOS4 press release.
I found Waze about a month ago and have fallen so in love with it, that I rarely fire up RoadMate anymore, even with its multitasking update (finally!).
Here's the bottom line for me: RoadMate takes about 30-45 seconds to fire up from start. Waze takes under 10, including the first route navigation!

familyguy615 says:

I love the new feature for location-based offers and coupons the most. I would love to save more when dining out with family and friends.

Mike says:

Oh, Location-based offers and coupons is something new that I haven't seen before. I have Navagon and this is smoething that I can see as being useful and helpful.
Traffic info, iOS 4.o support are in other apps, but Location-based offers is a new feature that I like alot.

Scott Lewis says:

Multitasking, sharing and traffic are three great features! Getting a free promo code would be even better!

Terry says:

I have to say I like the Location-based offers and coupons, it's innovative. No other GPS application does that now.

Himoe says:

The coupon idea is a good idea. Coffee or meal coupons might work the best. I hope they're not tracking us when we use them though.

The Guy says:

wow, seems like an awesome complete package. been dying to get a navigation app for a while but they are so expensive. would love a free promo code!

4mynikka says:

How does Magellan compare to TOM TOM or Navigon? I'm considering purchasing a GPS software for the iPhone but can't decide on what to get.

Ralph says:

Sounds like a great update but believe that that the real time traffic update is the best part of it.

Craig says:

I think the LifeTime real-time traffic information is the best new feature. Most other iPhone GPS apps only provide a month or two of traffic data before requiring one to purchase a subscription. Having it as part of the package is a great deal.

robertpetry says:

Multitasking for IOS4 has to be the #1 choice. A GPS app w/o it is just not very useful. I need my phone for other things.
But the real time traffic and local offers are great too.

coolkendude says:

LifeTime real-time traffic is the best new feature for me.

J. D. Burks says:

I like the real time traffic!!

Nick says:

Lane assist! I could use the code. I don't even know where I am right now ;-)

Dereeeeeeeeeek says:

Real time traffic is a huge plus for me.
Considering I am driving basically every day for work, having that right in the palm of my hand (and without any extra fees for it) is a huge plus. It would be a nice thing to have so that I can actually get to appointments on time rather than praying the Traffic Gods are feeling cooperative.

Debonair says:

Location-based offers and coupons
Saving a buck is always fun. Thanks!

Norm says:

Lifetime Traffic 4 the win!

Jason says:

Lifetime traffic is cool

pnut78 says:

My wife drives to different high schools all the time to help them get into college so the Traffic feature would be awesome for her to get to the schools in time so she doesn't miss the class period!!

Kevin says:

Actually like the location offers.

rkbrown81 says:

I like the traffic features the best!

jstrickland says:

It is a toss-up between multi-tasking and Lifetime Traffic. I think I will have to give it to LifeTime Traffic. I have a Magellan Roadmate GPS, and can't get that feature, as well as having to pay an arm and a leg to get map updates each year. I might have to give this a try.

Alan says:

i'm most excited about the added multitasking, but lane assist, and traffic updates make this just about perfect.

Tony says:

I think traffic is my biggest thing. Lifetime for free that's a big thing

TJ says:

Multitasking is what's up! Much needed.

ting#IM says:

i don't have a GPS app, maybe this could be my first? thanks!

Stephen says:

I think the location based offers is a great feature. Thanks TiPb

Norm says:

Free traffic is awesome. Wish Navigon did that.

Christian says:

I really like the real time traffic information

Trent says:

Traffic… anything that helps me avoid it is welcome!

walker023 says:

I like the lifetime traffic without a subscription

Swain says:

Multitasking.... great feature for sure.

helenlee9999 says:

Lifetime traffic? This is amazing update.
Multitasking looks promising too.
Great. TiPb, way to go.

Tim says:

Multitasking definitely

Wierdly says:

iOS 4 multitasking support is the must-have yet obvious updated feature. for my uses free LifeTime Traffic makes the app worth its price. Thanls

Dan says:

Live traffic would be cool

andrew.ortwein says:

Definitely the iOS 4 multitasking support (live traffic is coolest feature, but running in the background is a must)

muaddip says:

The real-time traffic information is key for me followed very closely by the multi-tasking.

asuen435 says:

real-time traffic information is no doubt a very useful feature for any nav.

cveklund says:

Multitasking on ios4-gps is useless w/out it in my opinion

Jason says:

Realtime traffic is a life saver.

Joeleung8888 says:

Live time traffic is a must have.

nab says:

multitasking is the feature i like best

Mark says:

No specific mention of Retina display support but I love the high resolution screen.

Ananth says:

I would definetly like to have it on my iPhone. The feature that I would love most is definitely the multi-tasking so that I can listen songs and also get directions at same time.
Win or loose I love this give-away deals from tipb. Thanks

Hakala says:

I really like the whole offers and coupons feature! It seems like it would work wonders on road trips!

Donald Relkey says:

Looking at the pics of the screeshots it looks very useful and professional, I can see that the gps would be a very useful app on my iphone, and if it was discounted or almost free, that would be cool too! This website is awesome, lots of cuting ege info.
Just awesome!

Justin Norton says:

The live traffic would be a great feature. There's nothing worse than gridlock!

Dan Callahan says:

The coupon thing does sound like it would be super-handy on the go.

Don Kelly says:

The coupons feature looks very promising.

alex says:

Back ground traffic and relative coupons. looks cool

Steve Thompson says:

The live traffic would be great as I am on the road everyday. My family souls appreciate me being home a little earlier at night.

Eric S. says:

I would like to give this to my wife; she would love the coupons (best new feature). With all she does for me and our children, something to make her life easier would be great.

dtwguy#IM says:

I like the ability to share destinations. I use Navigon now but I like to try new alternatives.

Tom A. says:

I like the coupons. They may help me finally choose where i want to eat! Also the traffic would get me there in a jiffy.

Alan says:

Multitasking, for sure

Scott H says:

Sharing locations would be very helpful to me.

Brucejay says:

GPS navigation in general...

Chris eddy says:

Love that the iPhone is a one stop shop. Gps ! iPod! Movies! And more !

Rick says:

I've owned a personal Magellan Roadmate for three years now and it's in need of an update(which is normal for all GPS units), but the update cost is over $75.00. I'd much rather have the roadmate on my new iphone 4. Magellan is a great product and I don't know how anyone can travel without one. It's also fun to travel with a GPS system.

Andrew says:

Pictures look great; hope the performance is up to the pictures. I like best the ability to run in background while answering phone, etc. Unanswered is what to do with LCD going off, or how long display will stay before battery wears down running gps.

renovating says:

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