TiPb Give-Away: Martha Stewart's Everyday Food: Fresh & Easy Recipes

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Martha Stewart's Everyday Food: Fresh & Easy Recipes [$0.99 - iTunes Link] has a great variety of recipe choices, simple-to-apply shopping, and an ingredient search tool, so you don't have to make chicken casserole for dinner for the 6th night in a row...

What you get is all of recipes from Martha's Everyday Food magazine in one app. Daily easy dinner selection's make the hassle of choosing what to eat each a little easier. The search tool can be organized by ingredients, manner of cooking and holiday. You can also share your favorite recipes with your friends.

You may find ziplist and the advertising a bit out of place for a paid for application but the recipes are of Martha Stewart's caliber.

Now for the give-away! We have two (2) promo codes for TiPb readers, so if you want to try out this app for FREE just let us know why you'd like Martha's help in the comments! Give-away starts now and ends Thursday March 25 at 12pm PT. Promo Codes require a US App Store account (Apple's rule, not ours). They also expire, so if you win, redeem quickly!


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There are 28 comments. Add yours.

Victimsofgravity says:

My new wife could use some help in the kitchen.
If you gave me the code, she could get the app on her iPod touch, and possible save me from food poisoning.

Bill D says:

Martha looks pretty hot in that picture. But for real, I have an app called Cookmate and some of the recipes are pretty good. Sure would like to try some of Martha's....and what's better than for free...of course, courtesy of TiPb!

BluePalasky says:

My wife and I are trying to lose wieght and having this app would help with meal ideas and allow us to manage our weekly shopping lists more easily.

Rachel says:

I can always use some new recipes for dinner. Martha is definitely a good cook. I might not be anywhere near as good as she is, but this would help.

Ladd says:

Martha must have dreamed these up while she was in jail....curious to see and try the recipes.

Don says:

Well.. I'm always hungry. Good food in a hurry is always welcome.

SheiknetChris says:

So sad I have to download this in order to see boo...
I kid I kid!!!!!

Brittany says:

I love to try new recipes, especially search for them on the go! I would LOVE this app!

Greg says:

I would like to do more to help my wife around the house. I think cooking would be a great way to help and something she'd appreciate. Unfortunately my cooking sucks, but I can follow recipies. Let's see if Marthas app really works by letting me try it. I am sure my family would appreciate it as much as I.

kitsy says:

I've had some success with Martha's FOOD mag recipes. I especially like her mushroom ragout -- but that's besides the point. XD;
It'd be nice to have them on my iphone instead of searching through piles of magazines for a single recipe. It's such a pain to find the recipe you need.

GadgetGuru72#IM says:

It would be useful to have this app while out shopping for groceries ... but, more importantly, my wife is a huge fan of Martha Stewart and would absolutely love this app. :Fingers crossed:

ThisBrian says:

It's hard to look at her being so nice and perfect in the kitchen and think about her wearing a jail outfit. She's trying to build her empire back up, watch out!! Run for your lives!!

AnnMarie says:

I love to try new recipes and am always pulling things up in Safari on the iPhone--how much easier to have them in an app rather than bookmarks and many open windows I'm saving to remember to try the recipe.

Severian126 says:

I'm learning how to cook since I just got laid off, to save money. Anything would help at this stage. :(

sherlock says:

Finally prison cuisine comes to everyone.

Martin says:

I've been a heavy set guy all of my life. I try so hard to eat healthy. but only if I knew how to cook healthy. I know I could just google something but it's not quite like having it on your iPhone. This app may be the start to my healthy life.

Chuck says:

I'm not naming names, but some in my home could always use a little help in the kitchen.

minh says:

interested in the recipes

T says:

Maybe there is a hidden area with insider trading tips 

Syed Idrus Al-Haddad says:

A little menu variety would certainly pleased my tastebud.

Charles says:

Hey, I'm unemployed (for nine months) and Everyday Food is one of the shows provided free over the air on PBS (I gave up cable). Why not get a free iPhone app to go along with the program. Plus, I love the food! -Thanks.

tyrran says:

I'm the chef in my home, and if there's one thing I need, it's a helping hand. I made great progress with A Man, A Can and a Microwave, and I want to step things up a bit. My wife works hard, and deserves an awesome dinner. Martha can deliver! Or, rather, keep me from ordering delivery. Either way.

Sylvie says:

This would be super useful for planning meals while not at home or near a computer. I have always been pleased with Everyday Food's recipes, they are simple and quick to make.

Phil says:

My wife is a great cook, being French and all :-) But with an 8 month old baby girl, I would like to do more cooking and my wife is tired of my famous "chili dogs" so I could really use an app like this to increase what I can make.

Dyvim says:

I need some help with meal ideas- between work and our 3-year-old we never seem to have the time, energy, or ideas to make a nice meal on weeknights.

Chris says:

Definitely need some help with quick and tasty breakfast recipes!

led light for motorcycle says:

I find it significant that Martha Stewart made such a recovery after going to prison. Most would have assumed that would have finished her career, but not a chance!

receiver hitch bike rack says:

Speaking of Walt Disney, was the man himself cremated or frozen in a cryonics chamber? I have read both. Which one is true?