Navigon 2.0 brings MyMaps, only install the maps you need

The popular navigation app, Navigon, has gone 2.0 and brings a new UI and two new features, MyMaps and FreshMaps XL.

MyMaps allows users to download maps by region. So if you're not planning on leaving your state soon, you can download only the maps for your state and pick up other on an as-need basis. This will not only save some storage space on your iPhone or iPad, but speeds up the update process.

NAVIGON 2.0 is the first iPhone onboard navigation app that separates the app from the maps, allowing users to choose which map regions to download to their device. Users who, for example, own the USA version can pick the states they want immediately and download additional regions at a later time.

FreshMaps is available as an in-app purchase and will update your iPhone or iPad each quarter with the latests maps.

Always have the latest maps with NAVIGON FreshMaps XL! Update your device each quarter with the latest map updates from the experts. Your device will be kept right up to date and will not only include changes and additions to the road network, but also a whole load of new special destinations. This increases safety, reduces stress and saves time!

Navigon is available on the iPhone and iPad and prices vary. The North American apps and in-app purchases are currently on sale for a limit time. Here's a list of prices:

NAVIGON FreshMaps:

  • North America: $14.99 instead of $19.99
  • USA (upgrades to maps of North America): $19.99 instead of $39.99
  • Canada (upgrades to maps of North America): $19.99 instead of $39.99
  • MyRegion (upgrades to maps of North America): $24.99 instead of $49.99

Other in-app purchases:

  • Safety Cameras: $4.99
  • Traffic Live: $19.99

Other versions of the Navigon for other countries can be found by searching "Navigon" in the App Store.

Check out the promo video for Navigon 2.0 below!

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There are 52 comments. Add yours.

cardfan says:

Must be updated from iOS device...can't use itunes. Have to have wifi and download maps from your iOS device. Can't use itunes.
It seemingly loses your favorites and saved destinations. Restart app or tell it to take you home and then you start seeing your saved info.
Once maps are downloaded, it then seems to sync with itunes backing up the new version and data.
No problems yet. Seems like the maps are 3Q 2011 so no reason to purchase the fresh maps option yet.

HungWell says:

Nope. It saved my favorites and recents just fine.

Mojito says:

Freshmaps is on sale for 50% off and upgrades you to the full North America version,

Taz1024 says:

Is anyone else having issues with in app purchases from before update?

nijoma81 says:

Are they going to update the My Region Version of the app too?

Joe Williams says:

So where as before, every time there was an update to the app, I got new maps for free, now I have to pay for up to date maps! Not all good then.

David Puett says:

I'm cutting Navigon some slack. I liked their free maps, but they have been very fair with multiple sales often and free maps up till now. One thing that will always be a +1 in my book was Navigon releasing an update as a universal app and not screwing over their customers with separate paid apps for iPhone and iPad. Plus $15 for 3 years of updates isn't unreasonable.

Pavelv says:

I purchased Navigon but I don't see it in App Store Updates. What shall I do to update it without paying purchase price again?

radical24 says:

so wait now we have to pay 20 bucks every 3 months for updated maps ! ? that just does not sound right, i might have to look for another app that is cheaper......

kch50428 says:

The 'FreshMaps' is a one time purchase giving you quarterly map updates after... now that Garmin owns Navigon, they're doing the same thing Garmin has done with their PNDs - a one time purchase for "lifetime" map updates.

Tom Cooper says:

Downloaded the UK version. Says it failed to connect to the NAVIGON server. Totally useless in this state, they need to fix this ASAP. Cannot get past the Map Manager screen.

YvesL says:

Had same problem. Delete app from your phone. download and install again from the app store on your iPhone. Not via PC. It did the trick for me.

Toughpro says:

I've a similar problem, I tried deleting the app and installing it again via iPhone, but still the same msg!

Tom Cooper says:

Downloaded the UK version. Says it failed to connect to the NAVIGON server. Totally useless in this state, they need to fix this ASAP. Cannot get past the Map Manager screen.

KevinM says:

Is the upgrade to version 2.0 free for users who already had purchased it previously? I understand the new add ons are not free, but what about upgrading to the newest version?

kch50428 says:

I downloaded the app via iTunes as an update - synced it on my iPhone & iPad and downloaded maps via WIFI.

HungWell says:

Not sure about the whole "FreshMaps" idea. On the in app purchase page it doesn't specify if this is a one time charge or you need to pay every 3 months. Their website doesn't say either. Their UK website specifies paying every 24 months.

cardfan says:

Seems to be one time. Though there's no point in paying for it any time soon. New maps come with it.

Itsmeorthem says:

When I originally bought the app I was promised free Map updates, now they've reneged on that. Wish Apple would do something about this gross violation of terms of purchase. Everone should complain to Apple about this via the "Report a problem" link for the App in the AppStore.

radical24 says:

Hey Peeps at TipB can you find out from navigon if the fresh maps is a one time, 12month per pay price or 24 months, or every 3 months we are excpected to dish out 20 bucks cause that's how much it costs when its not on sale. currently 14.99$ i think. Thanks , rad.

radical24 says:

oh wow thanks mate ! how did you find the info ? appreciate it much

David Puett says:

Glad to help. Right here
"With NAVIGON FreshMaps GPS devices stay accurate and viable over the long haul by allowing users to download up to 12 map updates in three years."

kch50428 says:

I believe that may apply to their stand-alone GPS devices and not to the app.

DubbDee says:

I had never heard that Navigon became "a GARMIN company" so this may be the reason for the delayed update and the change in format and reason for extra map charges rather than free map updates with app updates.

DubbDee says:

I had never heard that Navigon became "a GARMIN company" so this may be the reason for the delayed update and the change in format and reason for extra map charges rather than free map updates with app updates.

Others Rasta says:

I cant start the app on my iPhone 4. Each time it says " connection to the Navigons server failed , please restart the app. "

Ian says:

Exactly the same here. Not impressive.

EvilJack says:

Downloaded for first time and it works for me.

The Dude Minds .. says:

Remove the app from your iPhone, back in iTunes recheck the Navigon app in the Apps section and resync your device, hope it helps .. it worked on mine 3GS.

Mr C says:

Works on an iphone4 too. Had the same "connection to server failed" error
Re-installed via cloud!

Dustdog says:

Thanks, that saved me a lot of headaches! Would be nice to see such an advice on the actual Navigon site.

Others Rasta says:

I cant start the app on my iPhone 4. Each time it says " connection to the Navigons server failed , please restart the app. "

guest says:

So many questions with this app before updating. If I choose only to download my state and surrounding states, but do not purchase Fresh Maps XL, will I be able to download maps from other states later? Which map will I have if I don't get Fresh Maps? If I purchase Fresh Maps but choose not to update after 3 years, which maps will I be downloading after the expiration of the subscription? There should be clear indications of what we are entitled to download in the future when we don't choose to get fresh maps.

Chabig says:

Exactly. Why not skip the Freshmaps purchase and every quarter delete the app from the iDevice and reinstall? Then redownload the maps. I think you'd have to get the current maps.

guest says:

From Navigon Facebook:
"The maps can be download only over the WiFi connection. The advantage is, only necessary maps need to be downloaded which is faster.
The update for NAVIGON Select 2.0 will be coming soon, we can't give a concrete release date at the moment.
Existing customers get the latest map guarantee and can update the map material for free once.
With NAVIGON FreshMaps XL the map material can be updated regularly. NAVIGON FreshMaps XL is a life time product with a one time payment.
Sorry, it isn't possible to buy an update for separate countries without NAVIGON FreshMaps XL, but you have the option to select your necessary countries with the map manager. The maps in your map manager can be downloaded repeatedly.
If you have a problem with the iPod control, please send us an email to and include your contact details. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible."
It seems that the Fresh Maps XL is a "life time" deal. Of course, one has to define "life time" since one company means a life time while others suggest a product life time...

BenGie Cruz says:

Not True I downloaded 9 maps last night while driving over 3G and it worked just fine!

Richhowarth says:

I downloaded a few states and then had to disconnect from wifi. Not the other 45 states just show "Waiting" and do not download.

Vincent Sawyer says:

What did they do with the iPod icon to access music from the map display?

Vincent Sawyer says:

Were is the iPod icon on the map display to play music?

Admiralopatija says:

Yes, where the hell is it. The app is great. I am using it a lot with bluetooth and am listening to music from my iphone so I need those controls.
They should integrate it in a good and simple and easy way.

Ryan Medrano says:

The only thing I absolutely dislike about this application is it not disregarding an apt # or unit number within the address. Every time I select an address that includes the unit number, it cannot pull up the address. Only pulls up the city. UGH! Soooooo annoying.

Speters3 says:

Well, you're doing better than me. I have yet to be able to get Navigon to recognize any address whatsover, apartment numbers or not.

Chabig says:

You absolutely need to get the free app "Navigon Now". You can type or paste any address (or use your contacts), it will parse it, and automatically launch Navigon to that destination.

Frankrizzo says:

I believe the FreshMaps is just to have updated maps when ever you want instead of having to wait for Navigon to push out an update.

EvilJack says:

So if Navigon is now a Garmin company, what's the difference between this app and the Garmin app? Which is better?

kch50428 says:

Navigon is better than Garmin's iOS apps in my opinion. Garmin's own apps are like their early Nuvis (think 350...) - where Navigon's user experience is similar to current crop Garmin Nuvis.

Sean_braley69 says:

Navigon is by far the best navigation map out there I just wish they would release the jailbreak for 4s so I could get it again !!

Odd news says:

I was suggested this blog via my cousin. I am now not certain whether or not this post is written by way of him as no one else recognise such specified approximately my trouble. You're incredible! Thank you!