NAVIGON Brings MyRegion Turn-by-Turn Navigation to iPhone

NAVIGON's new MyRegion is a customizable version of their turn-by-turn MobileNavigator app for iPhone that basically lets you buy just the navigation you need, when you need it, and expand via in-app purchase later.

Three "regions" are available in the US -- Western [iTunes link], Central [iTunes link], and Eastern [iTunes link]. Each region is currently on sale for $24.99 until April 12, at which point they'll be regularly priced at $29.99. Getting an additional region via in-app purchase will cost $12.99 on sale ($14.99 regularly).

What's included?

NAVIGON MyRegion includes all the features and capabilities as MobileNavigator 1.4 plus NAVIGON MyRoutes. This new feature will be added to MobileNavigator North America via an upcoming update to 1.5.0 due this spring. NAVIGON MyRoutes is an industry first feature that learns from the users driving style to provide customized and better route recommendations. The feature also offers up to two alternative routes clearly displayed on a map including ETA, distance and driving time. This lets user choose the route that best serves their individual situation.

If you don't already have MobileNavigator and on-board maps are a must-have but not necessarily a have-all, give MyRegion a shot and let us know what you think!

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Reader comments

NAVIGON Brings MyRegion Turn-by-Turn Navigation to iPhone


Ok, it's less expensive than the TomTom, but do we really need yet another application that tells us how to get somewhere?
I don't like being heads-down when driving, but the iPhone map application is really all i need to find my way around a new city. I wish these guys luck, they have PLENTY of competition.
Kick Butt

I got Copilot Live NA for 19.99 that does the whole country- and a decent job of it. Too bad you can't take a trial of this. I'd like to see MyRoutes in action.

So here's a question... if I buy the new $24.99 version and install it on my two phones (using the same iTunes account), then do an in-app purchase from one phone to buy the another region.... will I have to pay again to get that region to my other phone?
I'm not clear on how in-app purchases work between devices, but I've seen some hints that it may be up to the app developer?

Very nice. If I didn't already have Navigon NA, I would get East and later add West as needed. Now I just want MyRoutes via 1.5 update for Navigon NA!

Does Navigon MyRegion include the traffic feature?
If not, is it purchasable through the app itself? And for how much?

I feel a bit neglected. Between no iPhone OS updates and no updates from Navigon for a while, my 3GS is feeling a bit archaic.

@jwwpua the traffic is purchasable in the app for $19.99(or something like that) and you don't have to pay an anual fee like some of the other apps which is nice. I have only used it once, but I really like the UI. I'm stoked for the update. All and all a good app.

Same complaint about this that I had when I originally used TomTom on my Treo 650. Their idea of regions doesn't work with my geographical reality. I live 20 miles from the MS state line, and I'm closer to New Orleans than any other city...yet both MS and LA are in a different region than I am. So I'd have to get 2 regions off the bat...may as well get NA and not mess with these pieces.

@Mack, I have done exactly what you are saying on my three iPhones and the in-app purchases of Navigon features are enabled on each.

I currently use Gokivo due to the maps being up to date. I recently did the Co-Pilot live but deleted it because of how out of date the maps were. Streets that were over five years old could not be found. Wish they would offer a free trial before you commit to buying these apps. In my line of work I cannot afford to have maps that are so out of date.

The regions can be annoying, as they were with TomTom in the past, but this is less expensive.

It should be clearer, I wasted 25 bucks and got the east coast one instead of the west coast!

Very nice. If I didn’t already have Navigon NA, I would get East and later add West as needed. Now I just want MyRoutes via 1.5 update for Navigon NA!