NAVIGON US MyRegion for iPhone promo code give away!

NAVIGON MobileNavigator for iOS 4

NAVIGON has generously offered TiPb readers a bunch of promo codes for their amazing NAVIGON US MyRegion turn by turn navigation app for iPhone. We're talking US MyRegion West, MyRegion Central, and MyRegion East (and did we say a bunch?!) If you're not familiar with MyRegion, it's basically the full on 2010 TiPb Readers Choice Award winning NAVIGON experience but covering smaller areas. That way if you only drive around the Western US, you don't need to buy the maps for whole country or continent.

With NAVIGON US MyRegion you can transform your iPhone into a fully functional mobile navigation system that is every bit as good as the multi-award-winning personal navigation devices from NAVIGON in terms of its user-friendliness and features.

Thanks to a faithful adaptation of the menu functions, NAVIGON MyRegion fits in seamlessly with the operating concept of the iPhone. The application includes the latest map material from the market leader NAVTEQ.

NAVIGON MyRegion provides full map flexibility. For your convenience you can enlarge your map coverage by activating up to two more map regions directly from in the App.

They're normally $29.99 each (on sale tomorrow for $19.99) but wouldn't you prefer FREE? (I thought so!) Just leave a comment below telling us which US region (East, Central or West) you'd like to visit this holiday season and why. We'll pick a bunch of you and give you promo codes courtesy of NAVIGON.

(Promo Codes only work in the US App Store, Apple's rule not ours. They also expire so if you get one, use it quickly!)

[NAVIGON iTunes link]

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NAVIGON US MyRegion for iPhone promo code give away!



If I would pick any region it'd have to be central, because Christmas just isn't the same without snow and anyone who lives in the central region knows that there's plenty of season during the holiday season.

I would love to visit the west coast for the holidays. Why? Because he surfing in northern CA gets good right about now, every year.

Central! I got stationed in Japan 2 years ago and now I can't remember my way around anymore:( Im not even used to driving on the right side, help me! Love you TIPB!

I would like to visit the east coast because my family lives in New York. The holidays are all about being with your family.

Hey guys,
sounds awesome. I am a german exchange student and I am in Canada right now. My 3 friends and I are going to have a road trip beginning in San Francisco on Dec. 15th and ending in Las Vegas on Jan 3rd.
For this trip we could realy use a solid navigation software.
Cheers to all :-)

Wherever New Mexico is, west or central. So I can use the app to find the back roads to go snowboarding.

I plan on traveling up the east coast from Florida towards the Carolina's I would love to try this out!

I would love to use the Central Region! I travel a lot, and I was debating on getting a GPS box because I am skeptical about GPS on and iPhone. So I would love to try it out for free!!!

Most definitely the central! and by central I mean the South! Need this for a few road trips!!!

Don't wanna sound corny, but, Id love to go to the West region and see my brother and his kids, it's been 6 long years since The last time we've seen each other in person

I would to visit the east coast. I recently got married and some family from Atlanta weren't able to make it. I hope to visit them for Christmas.

East. It would be so nice to visit with my family for the holidays. I get lost all the time...

I live in Texas, but hope to travel north to Michigan for the hoidays to visit family, which makes the Central Region Navigon maps ideal.

Region West! I'm planning an epic surf trip going up and down the pacific coast and could definitely use a navigation app to scour the back roads of the Pacific Shores of our fine nation. Very excited to post my adventures using instagram in tandem with twitter and hopefully Navigon!

Whoops, I was first but forgot to say why. I asked for central cause I am setting up an iPad for my mom for christmas and she would love a gps app!

Here in Texas, we don't get much snow- ok, we barely even get a trace of it. How cool would it be if I drove some of my friends and I up north for a legendary snowball fight. That would make some great facebook pictures.
Central region would be great.

Eastern region for me, my daughter just started driving and this would be her first experience using a GPS. Thanks!

I live and do most of my driving in the East. Another iPhone navigation got me lost yesterday, so I'd like to try Navigon.

It's all about the west...!!! I mean come on, not only do we not have any snow ever!! but here in LA region we don't even have a bloody NFL team!! :(

I would use the east coast map. My relatives all live in the north but I go to college in Virginia. This would help me navigate some pretty crazy roads.

I would love this to help me navigate around to my new city of Atlanta, Ga. I am here as a college student, and having this application will help me explore the city. Thanks for the promocode consideration.

Yo yo yo. East would most def be the greatest for me right about. I would be most thankful if I could get this app. God Bless. Happy Thanksgiving.

I would love a code for east region. My 4 year old needs to visit her Mimi and pawpaw and without gps, we might end up in the wrong state... And you can't imagine the 'i can't believe you screwed up again' look that my 4 year old us capable of!! Save me from the humiliation, please!?

I'd like to visit the West Coast. California to be specific. It's cold right now where I'm from an would love a warm break.

I'd love to go out west to visit some friends in Utah and ski. Haven't been skiing out west in 6 yrs. Though I would actually use the east because that's where I live. Skiing isn't as nice but still fun.

MyRegion West. I'd like to visit different ski resorts for snowboarding fun this winter!

I'm in the West Coast right now visiting family and I would love something to help me find my way around!

Help! I'm on my way to grandma's house for the holidays and I'm lost. Please help me. Oh yea I am on the east coast.

I would LOVE Navigon East so I can travel to my sons college in New Brunswick and my wife in-laws in New York coming from Southern NJ!!!

I'm stuck in a freeze in the Pacific Northwest and would love to navigate my way down the sunny west coast!

Just received a new iPhone. Love it! Navigon US MyRegion EAST would be great for me as I am also a new resident of the area and find it tough to get around as the wife has commandeered the GPS unit. Thanks, Navigon and TiPb!

I would love to use the Navigon Southeast because I usually don't know who I am or where I'm at!

I would love to have the central so that I can visit my grandfather in Casper Wyoming this Christmas. I don't get that much time to visit him. Seeing as how I live 13 hrs away. So a navigation app would be extremely helpful.

West! I'm gonna be taking my girlfriend on a roadtrip in december, and somewhere along the trip I'm gonna propose! I would love to have navigon to make sure I don't get lost on the way!

Central please. Doing a little magnificant mile Christmas shopping this year! It would be nice to know how to get there.

I would love to have the central region, we are planning a trip to Arkansas to ride dirt bikes and I really need a good iPhone navigation app. I know you guys said that Navigon was the best!

West Region, I'm a truck driver on the west. I always need turn by turn direction and can't afford to get stuck somewhere I might not be able to fit. This would help, Thanks. BTW im working today also, away from the fambam :(

Central please!
Taking a trip out to Colorado from Wisconsin to visit my older bro! haven't seen him in 2 years!
This would be much help, thanks!

I'd love to visit western Wisconsin along the mississppi river this winter and see the bluffs covered with snow! I think it'd be very festive and relaxing

I would love you forever if I could get a copy for the West! We're visiting the Pacific Northwest this winter for some awesome skiing and snowboarding. Don't want to get lost. :)

It would be amazing to have NAVIGON US MyRegion East so I can visit prospective law schools this spring!

West! I'm from Pennsylvania and make annual ski trips to Colorado, California, and Washington. Free GPS would be key!
Happy Turkey Day, all!

Need a good map of the western area of USA, cuz my GPS sent me into Pacific last time I used it.

I will be traveling to NYC this season from buffalo upstate. And It be nice to not get lost on my way. And enjoy some attractions while at it.

I am from Norway and me and my family are going on a trip to USA's eastcoast. We will bring our car, so it would have been awesome if we could get a promo codefor this GPS application!

I'll choose the West Coast. I live in Western Alaska, so the Wes is the chapeau region to get out to

Central please. Visit my family in Texas and Chicago. And spending my winter break in Texas is amazing warm weather than being in KC.

East. We are trying to bring the kids to Disney in Florida. The little ones are very excited to see Mickey.

I would love to win a promo code for the US East version. I often travel up and down the Appalachian mountain chain for skiing in the winter. This would be a huge help since I don't currently have a GPS device and Mapquest on the iPhone leaves a lot to be desired. Tipb FTW!

I would love to win a promo code for the US EAST Region ans I love to travel to New York City, Long Island and out to Montauk and East Hampton. Traveling to the Northeastern States would also include Boston, Cape Code, Cape Ann, Along the coastal towns of Maine. I love Atlantic Ocean seafood, flyfishing on the rivers and in the open waters and enjoy all the wonderful people and scenery in Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Pensylvania and the other wonderful areas of the NE part of the USA.

This application would be perfect for me. Since I recently switched from Android using (Google Maps). I have been looking for a GPS application for my phone. This would make a fantastic addition to the useful arsenal of applications I currently have installed on my iPhone 4.

Central US Please. I will driving to visit my brother in mid December and would find this really helpful. Thank you

I live in the eastern US and think this software would be a great start to converging my gadgets. I could do away with a standalone gps and use this great app. Thanks Navigon!

Northeast....Why? So I could take my wife to see her family that she has not seen in five years and if I got lost, I could blame it on the iphone and not me! :)

Live in Arkansas(central) and travel with my job(pilot). Would be of great use. Happy Thanksgiving.

That's awesome, West coast for me so I can keep track of where I am driving down to California from Seattle so my family can meet newborn baby girl!

Live out in the Pacific area. Would love it so I can travel around the west coast for the scenary! Thanks!

West US would be great. We are traveling down the west coast this year. With this my wife would be able to argue with my iPhone instead of me on directions.

Has to be the West... although after 40 years of working all over the United States... it is all so good. The friends are everywhere. Thanks,

Desert Southwest is one of the most enchanting places I have come across. Having traveled in most of the states, it is a toss up between Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, California, Utah and New Mexico. Love to see it all again and not get lost... although you meet great people when you are lost.

Western please. This would greatly help my frustration when my wife, who is directionally challenged, calls me for directions because she has missed her destination by fifty miles. Happy Thanksgiving!!

sorry would need central to help my long long road trip from the north pole. Montreal to Dallas to see the family.

Hey, westcoast california here, I love to go to LA but I hate navigating though the streets would love this app to help me get to the observatory,lacma, moma and the likes.

I thank you in advance for giving me the app
I'm visiting family in la and I have no idea how to get around town. I'm from Phoenix and streets there only go north/south and east/west hear in la it's crazy so thank you again "in advance" ps I read tipb like 4 times a day

Northeast!!!!!! My built in car gps just kicked the bucket so now i have a huge screen just sitting blank in my car. This would ease the pain, and keep me going in the right direction.

I'd love to get the East Coast. I drive from DC to New York twice a week, making various stops along the way. It would be most appreciated.

East, please. I would use for directions to Poconos to spend time with my family away from busy Philly.

I would love the West region. I can't afford a plane ticket to fly home to Oregon for Christmas this year, so I'm driving the 1200 miles! So a nice GPS app would really help me out along the way. Thank you.

Midwest. CHICAGO ILLINOIS. Truly it would be a blessing to receive a gift for mybirthday which is Monday on the 29 of Nov. Thank you very much and HAPPY THANKSGIVING...

!!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!! !!! WEST !!!

East, please. Visiting the family and grandkids for the holidays and doing some sightseeing to Pittsburg, PA to see the Vatican Splendors exhibition.

Region east... Planning on taking the family to the Hershey factory in PA and would love to have this app. Hope to find other interests in the area.

I travel extensively in the central Gulf Coast region of the U.S. If it works on the iPad, I would love to get one of the promo codes. Thanks!

I live in the central region. I enjoy backpacking along the Missouri river and study Indian history.

Need the East version... You better give me one Rene, dont make me angry, you wouldn't like when I'm angry...

Central--I drive from New Mexico to Louisiana 2-3 times per year, love going to Louisiana to visit old friends partying in New Orleans and just eating Cajun food all day long. This app would be so great to use or my long dive and live traffic would also be great. Louisiana is a great place to visit and I recommend visiting New Orleans at lease once especially around parade time. I've heard great things about Navigon and I hope I will be able to use it on my next trip this February.

Miss Georgia!
West Coast please. Nothing like California restaurants, sunshine, experiences and dance!

East , I have family all over the east , Cleveland , Columbus , Buffalo , Boston , & D.C. This app would help me get there safe.

East! I could use it when we drive from Boston to DC to visit my husband's Ethiopian family members on his first Christmas outside Ethiopia :)

East..I've been in Afghanistan for 3 years and ever so looking forward to being with my family for the Holidays 500 miles away in Ohio.

I'd like to take a road trip out to the easy coast. I have a lot of family who all live in New York and I don't get to see them very often.

I want East I go snowmobiling and that could help a lot. Love Navigon already and already have a different Area! (correct Email)

I would love to have Navigon East Coast! We live in Boston, and I promised my two young daughters that I would take them to Washington DC to meet Barack Obama's daughters. Having Navigon to make sure that we don't get lost along the way would be a lifesaver!

I would love the East, because I have a little girl and wanna take her traveling to all of her family this holiday season. It would really help our travels. Thank you

West - transferring to southern California from Washington state. When I drove out here with the family it would have greet to have something like this. Didn't have an iPhone then though. Great blog.