Official Twitter for iPad hits App Store

The official Twitter for iPad -- technically a universal binary for both iPhone and iPad -- has just hit the iTunes App Store. Formerly known as Tweetie, the app was under development by Atebits and Loren Brichter before getting bought up by Twitter, and after a brief transitional delay, it's finally here.

How is it? Different. Stacked. Brichter certainly didn't simply scale up the Twitter for iPhone UI. This is all new in both look and approach. I'm going to try it out for a while before forming any opinions (hit me up @reneritchie if you want to try it with me) but take a look at the screenshots below for an idea.

If you're trying it already, let me know your thoughts.


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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Official Twitter for iPad hits App Store


Well after posting this it showed I had an update and it was for Twitter. It now works and boy is this app beautiful!

Atebits has done it again. Twitterrific was great, but Tweetie/Twitter for iPad is unbelievable. I don't get why Apple hasn't hired him.

2 of my favorite things about the Twitter for iPhone app have always been the quick links to previously used hash tags and to people I follow so I don't have to type out the whole tag or username when I want to mention someone in a tweet. Those are also 2 reasons I've been anxiously awaiting the iPad version of this app. Now it's here and those features are absent. Very dissapointed

I getting getting an "Unable to purchase" error when trying to upgrade. Had to delete and reinstall. Then it crashed within a minute.