Olivia Munn Hates on Pre, Hearts on iPhone

Olivia Munn loves the iPhone

Attack of the Show co-host, Olivia Munn, offered her professional opinion on the Palm Pre with regards to the iPhone today, via Twitter.

  • yeah, if you pre-switched to pre from iphone, you'll be upset on monday. [Link]
  • you got the pre? does it suck to know you should've just got the iphone? it's okay. we all make mistakes. [Link]
  • **** the Palm Pre. If you have an iPhone, stick with it. If you have a Blackberry, like me, omg dontyoujustlove it? [Link]

What. Up. Indeed.


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Reader comments

Olivia Munn Hates on Pre, Hearts on iPhone


So far the Pre seems to have had a fairly poor launch. The iPhone simply has too much hype behind it, for a poorer clone to make any dent.

Yeh from what I read of the pre it's not all that. Yet another failed attempt to clone the one and only Iphone. Blackberry Storm anyone ? LOL

So far the Pre seems to have had a fairly poor launch

Really? http://tinyurl.com/o6sdlw (google news summary)
I think its getting very good play, just not at the places you visit. Its a small manufacturer on a small carrier, yet it seems the have the focus right now.
Sure that changes MONDAY, and Sure you can't expect iPhone users to drop their iPhone in the first trash bin on the way to the way to the sprint store, and sure you can get one spoiled bimbo to say something about it.
Never the less, its making a wave.

I feel bad for the Pre. I personally think it's a great consumer device after reading some reviews.
I knew it wouldn't do well because they didn't even bother creating some kind of hype or even an awareness. I have never seen not one TV or Internet Ad or Billboard. I've seen more done for the centro when it was launched on Sprint as well.
The instinct was horrible. They created some controversal hype and managed to make some sales even though it could of never been direct competition.
However , I can't wait until Monday =]

Are some of you using the same drug? The Pre sold out nationwide, Sprint stores, Bestbuy and Radioshack. Leading up to the launch, analyst put the initial stock between 200,000 and 375,000. How is that for a bad day?

People over in the Precentral forums have been reporting quite a bit of problems. The most common seem to be screen issues caused by the phone getting too hot and crashing/freezing. It also seems that the device doesn't copy and paste in the way everyone expected it to...

Ya I laughed when I saw her say that on Twitter. And so what it sold out, if they only had 10 to sell and they all sold out doesn't mean they did good it just means they didn't need a lot. And its sprit, gross.

My reply is stuck in moderation due to the urls I posted and/or for calling you a name, but you could just take a journey to the forums I referenced and you'll see people complaining on the first page. Sorry for not using the same drug you are.

It's having problems just like the iphone did, my iphone was crap when I got it at first, the difference is the Pre will stay a piece of crap ha. Is it Monday yet? :)

Really? U guys censor, its the fucking Internet, u can look up dogs fukhing humans and thats not even censored!

LOL i knew the pre would tank... it doesn't matter what any fanboy of the pre says or thinks anyway.. the device will never get close to the foundation that Apple has created. This is the ultimate thing people fail to realize, foundation; without it you just can't compete.
Let's take the xbox and ps3 for example.
Look at the FOUNDATION the Xbox has...
You can chat, you can group chat, invite people to games who you are chatting with... hell it even has 1080P. these are all BASIC features...a strong foundation.
The PS3? You can't even chat while playing different games, or hell even chat unless you're IN a game.. and where's the 1080P? .. basic features.
People for years have been busting on the iPhone for lacking this... and lacking that.. but that's just the thing.. You see they've been smarter this go around, they focused on the BASIC features and foundation of what they want the iPhone to become, they didn't just try to make a gen 1 phone and throw all the Bells and whistles into it first try then watch it fail. No they took their time.. slowly release by release, patch after patch they've been adding stuff in.
No one will be able to catch up, by the time it's a finished product every single PIECE to the iPhone will be perfect. And other phones will be stuck trying to play catch up... the Storm .. and now the PRE.
Can't wait till WWDC... =D

I walked into a Sprint store yesterday at about 2 PM to check out this technical wonder. The had some handsets in stock at that time but were having activation problems. I neve had a chance to see it run.
The had a demo unit out with a faux screen. IMHO the build quality isn't very good. The slider felt cheap and not at all solid. The keyboard felt cramped and I don't have really big fingers. The keys closest to the mid-top of the keyboard 'R-T-Y-U' were too close to the main part of the handset.
I hope the software is solid because there are some limitations to the build. Good luck Pre fans. No malice here, but it is a device that I can't see using myself unless the software is mind numbing.

Well I for one think Palm is back. I was a little worried about them--I don't want to see them fail. I know their launch is not perfect but they got legs again. Good on 'em, yeah?
I loves me iPhone and am freaking pleased with the sync I have to our Zimbra server, and the gazillion apps I use. I think the market can handle more than one phone.
Now stop making oneAwake angry!

olivia munn FTW. & shes hot. lol. but even if the pre were to marvel us all it would get overshadowed by WWDC 2mor

@ iphonemilk no the ps3 does 1080p because it has hdmi, the 360 has component cables which normally do 720p and maybe 1080i.unless u have an xbox elite than it's impossible for component to do 1080p. And the 360 games are on DVDs and ps3 are on high def blu ray discs sooo ps3 is the one that does hi def 1080p smart guy. Ps3 has way better hardware but horrible marketing. Who cares a out xbox anyways microsoft sux

@jimi I don't need to argue with you . I know the facts. Go ahead... Go buy killzone 2 or infamous ... Etc and play it on 1080p... Let me know how that works out for ya.... lol