OS X 10.8.5 breaks MacBook Air FaceTime camera support for some apps, here's how to fix it

OS X 10.8.5 breaks FaceTime camera compatibility for some third-party apps on Mid-2013 MacBook Airs

The latest OS X update has caused some problems with the FaceTime camera on the latest MacBook Air model, leaving certain third-party apps like Skype unable to use the camera. The problem apparently concerns 32-bit apps that use the camera, including Skype and iMovie. OS X 10.8.5 updated a particular plugin for the FaceTime camera, but not for 32-bit apps, according to a Skype for Mac engineer:

The 10.8.5 update updated a CoreMediaIO plugin that accesses the MBA camera, but didn't bundle the 32-bits version of it. Other (older and newer) versions of the OS do include a universal version (32 and 64 bits), but not 10.8.5. This means 32-bits apps such as Skype or iMovie cannot load the plugin, making the built-in facetime camera invisible to these them.

It appears that this issue does not affect external cameras. Until a fix is issued, users will have to rely on this workaround:

  1. You need Time Machine
  2. Go to folder /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/
  3. Copy AppleCamera.plugin to good place (usb memory stick is the best place).
  4. Go to Time machine in date that skype work fine.
  5. Change AppleCamera.plugin with file from Time Machine
  6. Restart system, Now skype need to work with camera. This solution is only for this time until Apple make update for this problem!!!

A download for the plugin is also provided.

Source: Skype Community, Apple Support Communities, David Redekop

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Reader comments

OS X 10.8.5 breaks MacBook Air FaceTime camera support for some apps, here's how to fix it


10.8.5 seems to have fixed most of the OS X issues I've had recently:
- iMac wouldn't sleep
- MacBook Pro would run very hot
- Safari unstable with more than 6 or 7 tabs open

Those issues went away, but now the iMac won't wake for network access. :-(

I just bought the new macbook air a couple of days ago and did not set up time machine. Where can I get the plugin that works ?

I am still on 10.8.4 and wanted to backup this file before updating. However, I don't see the folder /Library/CoreMediaIO/ (and I am viewing hidden folders as well). Doesn't show up in Finder, Terminal, or PathFinder. Hmm...