Quick App: Twitterrific 2.0 Twitter Client for iPhone

Twitterrific is looking to be the Alpha and Omega of iPhone Twitter clients. As it was first (before there was even an official SDK!), so it is also now the most recent -- in snazzily updated 2.0 form.

So what's changed? Nothing. And everything. Cliched, maybe, but Twitterrific was originally born from the Iconfactory's passion for a graceful, gorgeous Twitter reading experience. But then came a host of other Twitter clients that banged the uber-functionality drums and while it seemed like every celebrity with an iPhone clung to the grandaddy goodness of Twitterrific, the unwashed tech-masses wandered elsewhere.

Well, with Twitterrific 2.0, many will wander back. It somehow manages to keep that quick, clean experience but -- through UI wizardry -- neatly tucks away most every power-user feature imaginable beneath the covers.

Old awesomeness remains -- I've always loved the ability to quickly, and at any time, change from new tweet to @reply to direct message (dm) at the touch of a tab. New awesomeness is introduced -- now I can also tap the "eye" icon to see the tweet I'm replying to for reference, to add another @username to the reply, etc.

Yes, in Battlestar Galactica terms, if Twitterrific 1.0 was the Cylon Centurian, Twitterrific 2.0 is the red-dressed Caprica 6. It has evolved. (And definitely has a plan).

Speaking of which: there's inarguably the feature-equivalent of an arms race going on among iPhone Twitter clients, and it's one that greatly benefits users. If the first Twitterrific was a board with a nail in it, and subsequent Twitter clients went from sword to gun, this is our first plasma cannon. And I can't wait to see what happens next.

Note: Twitterrific 2.0 comes, as it always has, in two versions. There's Twitterrific (Free with ad support - iTunes link) and Twitterrific Premium ($3.99 - iTunes link). I bought the original Twitterrific Premium and was startled to see Twitterrific 2.0 come to me as a free upgrade. I would easily have paid another $10 for this, much less $3.99. Donation button please?

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There are 21 comments. Add yours.

OmariJames says:

This looks like I could be a tad bit better than Twitterfon. I might just get this though. 3.99 , not bad.

Steve says:

But still sportin' the doom & gloom interface. barf...

JNGold says:

Great app. However, I am disappointed in T2.0's viewing of Twit pics. It seems when you click the link to view an image, the twit pic page the image resides on is viewed instead of a full screen view of the image itself. So far that's the only negative that I see thus far.

Gridfire says:

I've changed back to Twitteriffic now 2.0 is out but it's missing one thing which I used quite often in Tweetie. In the profile-viewer, you can't tap the following and followers tabs to see other people interested in the same people as you. Update 2.1 plz?

Squampton says:

@Steve There are 3 themes now, the dark one, a grey-gradient one, and a plain white one.

cyberbob says:

I like the app but need some Twitter training 101. Does anyone know of a good site that spells out the proper way to be a well twained tweeter?

The Reptile says:

@evilhomer. Go to the Twitterific/Iconfactory website and you'll find a set of 'Tweetorials' that will give you the basics.

Steve says:

I hear ya. At first, it seems like a bit of an awkward way to communicate. There doesn't seem to be many answers or explanations to certain questions anywhere — for example; What tweets can people see and not see? Can others see my home page? Can I delete embarrassing replies? You basically have to jump in and figure it all out yourself. The Twitter website's Help section is a joke.
I just followed a couple CNN anchors until I figured it out. But even now I refuse to post more than one or two tweets per day. More than that is a waste of my life — not to mention following anyone with more than 4 or 5 tweets per day (like Anderson Cooper's 50 tweets per day). Give me a break... I have things to do. :roll:

Andy says:

Is this better than tweetie and twitterlator pro?

Gus says:

It looks good, i use the free version of tweeterrific and it does it for me

kbeanz says:

I just unfollowed someone because his replies to others took up my whole screen, day after day after day. Popular guy, but frustrating for me, seeing only half-conversations from one person and little else.

david says:

looks cool, the iphone is the best phone iv ever had!!

The App Podcast says:

For an indepth look at Twitterrific 2.0 check out out video reviewhttp://theapppodcast.com/twitterrific-2
or on Youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=u-GTCYHIMfo

Fyre Vortex says:

... Wow. Looks like it's going back on my iPod Touch then. :)

JennyMillsJewellery says:

Yep...I've used a a few twitter apps... I'm back to this one now!! I would be a broken and insignificant person without my iPhone as well!
Www. Jennymillsjewellery.com.au

Moe NYC says:

I also did a test run for the new Twitterrific 2.0 and I was impressed. I do share a few annoyances with some folks.

  1. What's with the brown and green colors. Let us customize them. I really dislike them (even when I chose other themes)
  2. When you hit a link to a picture, it opens up the browser view instead of a full screen of the pic itself. Not cool
  3. Can't see who the followers are (or who they are following)

Other than those annoyances, it's a really cool app. I'm still sticking to Tweetie since they blew me away a few months ago and I'm emotionally attached to their app.

JBaby_9783 says:

Now if only they would update their Mac desktop client. iPhone version looks cool but I'm sticking with Tweetie.

Sascha says:

The mac desktop client will get an update:
"Yes, we'll be updating the desktop version, and it will get many of the same
new features. Hope this helps!" (Anthony Piraino, The Iconfactory)

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