ReadKit for Mac gets even better with added Feedly support

ReadKit for Mac is one of the best RSS reading clients money can buy for the Mac, and the latest update consolidates that further by adding support for Feedly. In the post-Google Reader world, Feedly quickly emerged as a leading contender to step into the limelight. Their subscriber numbers rocketed following Google's shutdown announcement, but while iOS apps are starting to pick up the Feedly API, it's still a little sparse on the Mac front outside using a web client. Until now.

Popular RSS app Reeder has seen itself removed from the Mac App Store until alternative, non-Google, providers are implemented, and so ReadKit is definitely edging ahead. You need a Feedly account before using the app though, there's no options to sign up from within. After that, you're good to go. Grab the latest version from the Mac App Store now, and if you've come across using Feedly, how are you finding it?

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ReadKit for Mac gets even better with added Feedly support

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