Revamped Dragon Quest VIII RPG lands on iOS

Dragon Quest VIII for iOS

Square Enix role-playing game Dragon Quest VIII has launched on iOS today. The game has been fully revamped with 3D graphics and a few other touch-friendly elements while retaining the setting's charm. The story follows a brave unnamed hero as he tries to break a malicious curse placed on his king and princess. There's alchemical crafting, monster gladiatorial battles, and gambling to enjoy throughout the game between working your way through the fantasy storyline.

Dragon Quest VIII originally launched in 2004 on PlayStation 2, but these games go back way farther than that. In the original Nintendo days, the series was called Dragon Warrior, and followed all of the same party building and turn-based combat mechanics that are still really popular. As you might expect from Square Enix, there's a premium pricetag included here; be prepared to drop about $20 for Dragon Quest VIII on iOS.

How many of you guys played the original Dragon Quest or Dragon Warrior games? Are you willing to pay $20 for nostalgic mobile gaming?

Source: Square Enix

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Reader comments

Revamped Dragon Quest VIII RPG lands on iOS


I like these games, but I feel that $20 is a bit steep for an initial purchase price, with no way to preview the game on iOS.

It's amazing the rationale of some people when it comes to games. What?!? 20 dollars for an App Store game?!?! NO WAY. Give me a Free-To-Play game that's inundated with IAP and I'll gladly spend 10 Times that amount through iap. *facepalm*

Some people will just never get it.

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That is cool DaHui, glad you enjoyed your game. I personally wouldn't pay $20 for X-COM on a console or computer, much less on iOS, but I realize that is a just my opinion.

Still, even though you enjoyed the game, wouldn't you like to see a short, one-off window for previewing the game before purchasing?

Wow, way to judge, I see why your name is Dman. Anyway, yes, I feel that $20 is a bit steep to for an app store game. A large part of it has to do with not being able to preview the game. The controls could suck, Apple could change display screen sizes and the game never gets updated and has these large black bars at either side of it when played in landscape, etc. I never once mentioned free to play games though, that was all you. I was actually talking about the 15 minute window or so that you get to try a game on Android and still get a refund, once. This window lets me know if the controls blow, the game stutters on my hardware, or crashes a lot, and still get a refund without having to make phone calls to Google and talk to someone and request a refund.

Since you did bring up free to play games, I am going to tell you a secret, "you don't have to pay to play," really. I know that might be a foreign concept, as you appear to lack self control, but honestly, you can choose not to pay. If I find I enjoy a game that is free to play, I tend to purchase one of the $5 packs... once. That is my contribution to the creators of the game. To date I have never paid a single dollar to King for Candy Crush, as it wasn't my thing. I made a purchase of the peashooter in PvZ 2 after they released the expansion (also for free), as I enjoyed the game.

Sure, game creation can be expensive, if you aren't recycling older pc or console games. Other than CCGs such as MTG or Hearthstone, I have yet to see an iOS or Android game with the depth to it of the majority of console or computer games (btw, I don't purchase those at full price either). The maximum price that I am willing to pay for an iOS game, as they currently stand, is around $6.99. If I am going to be paying $20 for a game, especially a remake, I would prefer to just pay $20 for it on Steam or Gamefly. This lets me have the game in what is usually a way more playable version.

If Apple were to initiate a single 15 minute trial window for games, I would be more amiable to the higher prices, as I could try before purchasing. However, even with a trial, I really don't see me giving $20 for an iOS or Android game at the current time. I would for a productivity app that was genuinely helpful, but not for a game.

Hey Simon. You know, your write-ups or reviews are REALLY short and some of the information that you post on games don't give it justice. Like for instance this one. Yes it's a $20.00 game but it has NO IAP. That might be something you might want to point out in your post. Also, you never mentioned the unique aspect of this port which is the one-handed gameplay so it's easy to play on the subway or train.

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I just happened to notice this game pop into the app store last night and I almost bought it without thinking about it. The only thing stopping me is that I already have the game for my PS2 and can easily turn that on. The one handed gameplay and the portability of iOS is nice. I will probably pick it up the next time I load up my iTunes account with a gift card.

I remember playing the original Dragon Warrior as a kid an loved it. I would get it or any of the other NES games (Dragon Warrior I-IV) on iOS if they were available. DW IV is probably my favorite of the classic games.

This game hasn't been updated with 3d graphics, it had them from day one when it was first released on the ps2 many years ago.

The ps2 version did have one gigantic advantage though - it wasn't crippled with the oddball portrait format this iOS version uses. It also ran at 30 frames per second, which this iOS port can't manage, even on the latest hardware.