More signs of iPad 3 Retina Display in iOS 5 beta Twitter frameworks?

More signs of iPad 3 Retina Display in iOS 5 beta Twitter frameworks?

@Frankrockz told TechUnwrapped he found some interesting iPad Retina Display sized graphics hidden in the Twitter frameworks of the just-released iOS 5 beta.

As I was going through the iOS SDK I came across some images in the new Twitter .framework. The resolution appears to be 1,536 x 2,048.

That, of course, is the magic 2x number needed to take the 9.5-inch iPad display to Retina levels. Similar 2x graphics were previously found in iBooks before the iPad 2 release, so it doesn't necessarily mean iPad 3 will be getting Retina Display -- depending on costs and production yields it could be iPad 4 -- but it does mean Apple is continuing to get ready for it at some point.

Would you be willing to pay more for a 1,536 x 2,048 iPad 3, or would you prefer Apple hold off until they can cram four times the screen into the same price?

[@Frankrockz via TechUnwrapped]

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There are 8 comments. Add yours.

Khairul Ridhwan says:

I'm getting it if its a retina display..

Ronn says:

Yes. Definitely. Thats the only reason I didn't get the iPad 2.

Guacho says: right, is 4 times the current resolution..

Ernax says:

I think he is asking if you would pay extra now or would you rather wait until they can do it for the same price.

TFausett says:

That would be awesome to see that kind of a display, but I got my iPad 2 and am very happy with it. I think I will just stick with it for now. By the way got my Tipb shirt today woohoo!!

MarkV says:

I'll definitely be getting the Retina iPad, even if it costs more than the the current models. To me, the lack of a high res display is the one thing that keeps the iPad 2 from being a perfect device.

Diego says:

who can really support that resolution, even a 52 inches TV hasnt, no one professional monitor has it, i think the limit is 1920, and who say that wait for high resolution... already ipad 1 has it, 1024 is high resolution, giving a jump in quality to the dvd formats that is 720x480.
The only reason to go so high is to equalize the electronic ink tablets in my opinion