SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad walkthrough [video]

SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad is finally getting near to release. A short video walkthrough of the new app has been posted on Sling's official YouTube account. The video emphasises that the app is all about the quality of the video, due to Apples excellent H.264 streaming capabilities. The interface looks very similar to other recent versions of Sling Player Mobile.

Now here is the bad news, Sling Player Mobile for iPad will be a separate app, no universal binary love here. If you already have the iPhone version you will have to pay again for the iPad version. It will cost another $30, the same price as the current iPhone version.

Also, Sling point out that the iPad version will only work with Slingbox PRO-HD and Slingbox SOLO equipment. Legacy versions do not have the hardware capability to stream at the iPad’s higher resolution.

No word on when this is going to hit the app store; but you can sign up now, to be kept up to date on availability information.

Are you are looking forward to this app? Do you think it is fair that you will have to pay again for the iPad version? Let us know in the comments!


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SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad walkthrough [video]


At this point in time, I have come to dislike Sling for it's laggard software and greedy license policies. This is typical of Sling.

Slingbox is a great gadget.I've had it for years and I'm hooked on it.But,the company bites.They are terrible at getting up to speed with the updates of the softwares.I wonder if this means that they will have an update for iOS 4.2?

I have Slingplayer on my iPhone and never use it, because of it's poor quality and unreliability. I'd see even less use for it on an iPad, which spends more time at home. Slingplayer was cool for awhile, but times have changed.

Its insane they make you buy it again at 30 dollars!! At least offer a discount. They should release the same version for the ipad and iphone 4 imo. It's been so long since they updated the iphone version

Sling isn't that great even on my MacBook. The image gets blurry and choppy at times, even on WiFi. It should be much, much better. I wonder why streaming has never been perfected?

I am still using the original 1st gen slingbox that was given to me as a beta tester for Sling. it still works great and because I am on Android I don't have to buy a new box. also the sling player app works beautifully on the 7inch Galaxy Tab but I agree, I find myself using it less and less and once there is an app similar to AirVideo that will continue.

Well, I for one love my Slingbox. My fiance and I both have the mobile player on our iPhones, and the new iPad app will be a major incentive to finally pick up an iPad too. Sure another $30 isn't cheap, but for the improved resolution and wireless TV, I think it's more than woth it.

Will I be giving them another 30 bucks. hell no. I don't use it that much anyway. I'll just watch the iPhone version on my ipad that I already paid for and be done with it.
I cannot imagine that the clarity would be sooooo much better that it would make sense to buy it again. Great way to miscalculate Dish.

I have been with Sling since they first came out. They are getting to be greedy bastards with all these new license fees and their customer service as gone down the tubes. All they are concerned with is the almighty dollar. They have gotten worse as the years have gone by. I doubt I'm going to get this. I've already paid them countless dollars for updates here, updates there and my slingbox for my iphone works well enough on my ipad. They truly lack in customer service and brand loygalty

Yeah, occasionally, I do get a bit of choppiness over 3G, but wifi is pretty good. Although the device and the app are not perfect, and it really could use an update, as a customer/user I am more than satisfied. I can't wait to see the resolution on the new iPad app.

The Ipad version of sling is much better than the iphone version. It utilizes a higher resolution for the larger screen size and the user interface is much better. Although its an additional $30 its well worth it. Whats even more amazing is how cool my Ipad runs with this application. My Macbook pro runs very hot when I stream video thru sling (probably due to the much higher resolution). This app is a 10/10!