Updated: SlingPlayer Mobile Now Live!

UPDATE: Now up in US, Canadian, and presumably other App Stores. Same link as below!

(thanks Steve and Rebo for the tip!)

ORIGINAL: In the UK! Presumably other regional App Stores will come on line as the night wears on. If you're happy with a Wi-Fi only version, go get it!

SlingPlayer Mobile ($29.00/£17.99 - iTunes Link)

(via AndyMesa)

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Reader comments

Updated: SlingPlayer Mobile Now Live!


The internet is about to revolt over this BS!

Why would u pay 30$ to watch content u paid for, on a 3.5 inches screen when you can just watch it on your flat screen HD tv in front of you? Kinda dumb. Add 3G.

@Danny Rodri
You obviously don't know what this app even does. You can watch live or pre-recorded video, anywhere. So if you're stuck in an airport, you can watch live hockey on your NHL Center Ice subscription. This app helps you use the video services you already pay for, like cable, satellite, Tivo, Apple TV season passes, etc. It's not a substitute for a big HDTV; it's for on-the-go watching, anywhere.

@Muero yeah, thanks for pointing it out, I actually did some research after posting that, but still 30$ is a bit pricey.

No boycott here, bought it as soon as it hit. I have been waiting forever for this, got it live it and don't regret it!!!!

Oh yeah that icon on my springboard is damn sexy. Now just gotta add it to VoIPover3G. My iPhone is now complete turn-by-turn GPS thanks to the developers of xGPS. And now Sling on the incomparable iPhone. And many thanks to all jailbreaking developers, enabling the phone to perform to it's full potential.
Didn't even blink @ the $30 pricetag. I mean if you already sling, $30 is a drop in the bucket.

Yes, VoIPover3G bypasses ATT's 3G restriction quite easily. But picture quality is less then desirable, plus every 5 secs app pauses to buffer. Anyone else experiencing this or is it just me.
I have the slingbox pro (red) hooked up to a cable dvr with the ($60) hdmi input ponytail thingy.
Works great over wifi though.

I'm joining the boycott. 30 bucks is ridiculous. Plus, I actually got rid of my Sling AV and upgraded to a Sling Solo because I was led to believe the AV wouldn't work with the iPhone app. You can fool me once......

Got it late last night....or early this morning depending on how you look at it. No 3G is a bit of a disappointment but the video quality over wifi is really good....better in fact than what it was with my old Windows Mobile phone from a year ago. (maybe the Windows Mobile version is as good now?)

If you are a jailbroken iPhone owner, streaming over 3G can be done. Just 20mins after buying the app, I was thrilled that VoIPover3G was able to bypass ATT restriction.
Picture quality depends on what you're watching. Quality is poor for fast-action programs like sports and very good where action is minamal like CNN. talk shows, etc...
Quality is better when streaming standard def channels instead of HD.
Will this tip the balance for those that are looking for a reason to jailbreak?

i tried the slingplayer on my iphone with tricker threeG and voipover3g and it is saying invalid ip address,port,or domain name. how do i fix

I have the same problem as Dave how do I make it work, I also tried putting the slingbox ip and port and the app just hangs tryin to connect, any help appreciated

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