Sneak Peek at Twitterrific 2.0 for iPhone (French language) got their eyes on the Iconfactory's Gedeon Maheux at the Triangle Tweetup as he walked through a demonstration of the upcoming Twitterrific 2.0 Twitter client for the iPhone. Mashable sums up what we see:

So what’s new in Twitterrific 2.0? Multiple account support, filters for mentions, DMs, favorites, and marks (which are like personal favorites), trends, search by keyword, person, or location, saved searches, notes on users, retweet, conversations, custom shortcuts, the ability to follow/unfollow/block, expanded and condensed views, shrinkable text, and complete Twitter bios. Whoa, we’re out of breath just listing all that’s new, but we likey!

Twitterrific 2 should be available as soon as the App Store approval process runs its course. Let's just hope Apple's improved things since the last time a Twitter app tried to update...

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Sneak Peek at Twitterrific 2.0 for iPhone


I mistakenly paid $10 for the full version, and was thoroughly dissappointed. Looks like the new version will go back on the phone. Lots of good and needed features seem to be included on this update.