Sony to shut down EverQuest for Mac once and for all

Sony to shut down EverQuest for Mac once and for all

It shouldn't come as any surprise to the few Mac gamers still playing, but Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) reaffirmed yesterday that it is shutting down the Mac version of EverQuest.

EverQuest is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) set in the fantasy realm of Norrath. Players create a character based on one of sixteen races in the game, which run the gamut from humans to dwarves, trolls, the feline Vah Shir, and more. Players assume character classes which determine their abilities - warriors, magic users, healers and others.

Sony's relationship with the Mac version of the game has been fraught with difficulty from the start: they waited several years after the game's original release to do a Mac port, and when it finally emerged, Sony segregated the Mac release to its own server, which was not updated with the same expansions and functionality as its Windows counterpart.

Despite the setbacks and limitations, EverQuest Mac had a small but fiercely loyal contingent of players, but by 2012, Sony felt it had reached the end of the road, and announced plans to "sunset," or shut down, the EverQuest Mac server. EverQuest Mac players convinced Sony to reverse the decision several weeks later. Now, a year and a half later, Sony's once again announced plans to shut down the Mac-only Al'Kabor server.

John Smedley, president of SOE, took to the EverQuest forums to explain the decision:

We said this before and now we really have to do it – we’re sunsetting EQ Mac. As a passionate Mac player, I’m disappointed to have to share this news. We decided to keep the game running after receiving your feedback when we originally announced the sunset plans early last year, but with all of our development aligned towards our upcoming slate of games, we simply cannot justify the resources required to continue to support this version of the game. Please know that this was not a decision that was taken lightly. It was a hard call to make, but we know it’s the right thing to do. Thank you for your support of EQ Mac and the time spent in the game.

Have you ever played EverQuest? Or did you move on to other MMOs, like World of Warcraft? Disappointed in the news? Sound off in the comments and let me know what you think.

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Reader comments

Sony to shut down EverQuest for Mac once and for all


I played EQ sparingly back in the day and remember it being ported to the mac. I was mainly a City of Heroes player and thought they did a better job porting their game over and integrating we mac players into the rest of the community.

I hate that they are subletting the server. It's hard to let go of a game you love to play and invested so much time and money into.

Sent from the iMore App

I have a Windows box for one I'm held hostage by Office and SQL Server to keep a Win 7 VM on my Mac, but that is work related and I can't see that going away anytime soon. But surely Apple can do something to aid the gaming market to step away from the dark side and onto Mac. Or maybe their strategy is the same as mine: when this PC dies so does my connection to those games. I can't see buying a new PC just for games. Consoles are cheaper, no Windows OS hassles, and the multifunction use that the old PC provided is gone now that I use iMac/MBA/iPad/iPhone.

What is the future of gaming? Does it stay divided into the camps of mobile/console/desktop and further divisions by Mfg? Is there some future where Apple is a more significant, non-tablet player?

It appears to me that gaming and more importantly, legacy business software are the life supports that keep Windows breathing at this point. Seems like Apple would more interested in pulling both those plugs. Obviously, for a ton of reasons the biz software is a steep hill to climb, but gaming should be more achievable.

I will always have to at least dual boot windows for gaming. Consoles just don't hold a candle to computer gaming, imo. As for EQMac, not a real loss to me personally. I still play EQ and am hoping that the EQNext iteration will be difficult and not the "gimme" that new games are.