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Still waiting on an ADN invite? Well third time's the charm! As in 300!

We keep giving away (ADN) invites and you keep gobbling them up faster and faster. The last 200 went in what felt like 2 minutes, so this time we've got 300 to give you. If you're still not familiar with ADN free accounts, they're a great way to try out the many services ADN offers, including the Twitter-like microblogging platform, the better-than-DM messaging service, and the cloud storage offering. ADN is a complex, chocked-full-of-potential service, and it's smart to let people try it out for themselves and get a feel for it before deciding to go all-in on a paid account.

If you're still looking for an invite, hopefully 3rd time will be the charm! And if you're fine, tell your friends. Tell all your friends. But fair warning, they'll go fast. So, if you want want one, grab it now!

By using an invitation, you'll automatically follow iMore. (Since you're here, we're hoping you don't mind, but you can promptly unfollow us if you like, and while we'll be sad, we'll understand!)

You can also find the iMore staff on ADN via accounts below. You should follow us. We'd love to hear what you think!

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Want to try out for free? Here's 200 invitations!

Until recently, (ADN) invitations were limited and could be hard to come by. So, ADN has reached out to iMore, and other, similar websites, where the community is filled with just the type of people who might enjoy trying out and using their service. And they're handing out a heap of invitations. 200 to put a number on it. That's a good number, but they'll go fast. If you want want, grab it now!

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Netbot updated with direct Messages on, goes free in effort to spur service adoption

When Netbot was launched back in October of last year, we praised it as a fine client for the fledgling service. Since then both the service and the app have evolved, with version 1.3 of Netbot gaining support for the new Messaging API. Additionally, in an effort to spur adoption of, developer Tapbots has decided to reduce the price for Netbot to free.

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Rivr for updated with new features and a refreshed UI

If you're still using and are in the market for a new client, you may want to take another look at Rivr which just got updated with lots of new features and enhancements to existing ones. New features include Camera+ integration, night time mode, markdown support, and more. The interface has also gotten a bit of a facelift as well as some refinements for existing features.

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Get push notifications for Netbot with Adian for iPhone, a competing client

There's no denying that Netbot by Tapbots is the most popular iOS client for (ADN), but it was a little surprising and disappointing that the client launched without support for push notifications. Tapbots did release a statement saying that notifications will be coming as soon as ADN releases the appropriate protocols to do so, but other clients, like Felix and Rivr, have found their own ways to offer push notifications. Another such client is Adian which has recently been updated to include support to redirect push notification to open Netbot. Yes, you read that right, a competing app is improving Netbot.

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iMore show 319: Renanoed

Rene's angry, Seth is tired, and Georgia's at peace with the universe. Wait... what? Join us in the Fringe-verse as we talk the iOS 6 App Store, the Podcasts app, the new iPod touch and iPod nano, the iPad mini non-event, and This is the iMore show!

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iMore, ADN, and the importance of different answers

We've had @iMore set up on for a while now but this week we flipped the switch to start posting our stories there. We're using to handle the posts, and it's not a great solution. Basically it checks the iMore RSS from Twitter and then copies that over to ADN. Unfortunately that includes @replies, which I'd rather it didn't. That's part of the reason we waited -- hoping that something better would come along, like the service we use for Twitter, but nothing seems to have so far. We could have kept waiting, but because two major barriers to entry dropped last week, and APN picked up steadily, it made sense to start now. We had readers there, they wanted to get iMore content there, it's our job to provide it.

And here's how we'll do it.

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Netbot for iPhone and iPad review

Tapbots, the creators of the extremely popular Twitter app Tweetbot, have released Netbot, an iPhone and iPad client for the Twitter-like social network If you're a fan of Tweetbot, you'll immediately feel at home with Netbot with its identical UI, familiar sounds, and simply outstanding design.

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Felix for for iPhone review

Felix is an iPhone client for the Twitter-like social network called There may not be very many iPhone apps available for the service, yet, but even with little competition, the folks at tigerbears have done a beautifully phenomenal job with Felix.

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Follow iMore and Mobile Nations on

You can now follow iMore, and our Mobile Nations sibling sites on the new social network/micro-blogging service:

And you can follow many of our editors, writers, and hosts there as well:

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