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Best Mac apps for tweaking system settings: TinkerTool, Onyx, Cocktail, MacPilot

There are a lot of hidden OS X tricks you can unlock using the command line and the Terminal app. These apps keep you from having to memorize complicated UNIX commands by giving you a comfortable Mac-like interface.

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Jumpstart your creative writing with Haven for Mac

If you suffer from writer's block or just want to try a different approach to writing, you might want to give Haven a try.

Text editors and word processors for the Mac abound, but Haven is different. Pitched as "a creative writing tool," Haven offers a meditative and immersive environment to help your ideas flourish. It gives you inspiration and insight when you need them and gets out of your way when you don't.

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MacID unlocks your Mac with your Touch ID: Free for 48 hours

Want to be able to unlock your Mac using Touch ID? Now you can. What's more, it's free for the next two days.

Beginning March 16th, the MacID iOS app is free, but only for 48 hours. It's normally $4. It's an app for your Touch ID-based iOS device, and it works in conjunction with a second app that you install on your Mac. MacID lets you lock your Mac with a swipe of the finger on your Touch ID-equipped iPhone or iPad.

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Free Mac color picker Skala Color improves Yosemite support and more

Could you use an easier way of selecting colors to use in upcoming design projects? Download Skala Color 2.0 for the Mac. It's free.

Skala Color 2.0 is the latest Mac software offering from Bjango, makers of iStat Menus. Among the changes in this release is improved support for OS X Yosemite.

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nvAlt: A Mac note taking text editor

nvALT lays somewhere between text editor and note-taking app; it's a free-to-use Mac app for web-heads.

The app is a fork of the open-source app Notational Velocity, an application designed to let you write notes on your computer. The idea is to let nvALT be the receptacle of whatever fragments of information you want to write down so that you can easily find them later.

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Photoshop at 25: The changing face of digital imaging

Adobe is celebrating a big milestone for its landmark image editing software Photoshop. The venerable software package's 25th anniversary this week. Few apps have had Photoshop's industry-changing impact and popularity, and fewer still are as directly linked to the Macintosh's enduring success as a tool for creative professionals.

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DiskWarrior 5 Review: The Essential Mac Disk Maintenance Tool

Maybe you didn't believe me when I said it. Kirk McElhearn chimes in on Macworld with these plaudits:

DiskWarrior remains the essential tool for maintaining and repairing disk problems. For both preventive maintenance and repair it's a must-have tool.

It's not a question of if you will lose data, only a question of when.

Source: Macworld

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Outline for Mac offers OneNote alternative for note-taking

Gorillized's Outline was developed to be a OneNote alternative before OneNote hit the Macintosh last year. It was originally designed as a mere reader of OneNote files on iPad, but turned into a full-blown editor and has since added Mac support too. That makes it an interesting alternative to both OneNote for people who don't want to part of Microsoft's ecosystem, and to Evernote for people who want something different.

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Resolve to take better care of your Mac in 2015 - here's how!

New year, new resolutions. If "take better care of my Mac" was on your list of things to do, here are some practical tips to make that happen. I've split this list up into three topics: Back up your Mac, batten down the hatches and improve your security, and clean up the crud (get rid of data you don't need).

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Have New Year resolutions? Let these amazing Mac apps help!

The new calendar year is the excuse many of us use to change behaviors and to try to turn over a new leaf. Rene's rounded up the best tools on iOS to help you achieve your goals, so it's my turn to do so with the best Mac apps.

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