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Seth's most used iPhone and iPad accessories of 2011

I generally keep things pretty simple and straightforward when it comes to my 2011 most-used accessories. I stick to things that enhance functionality more than form. I think Apple's done a tremendous design job and I tend to lean more toward items that add an ability to do something or improve some part of my workflow (or enjoyment). Here are a few of my favorites.

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DODOcase BookBack for iPhone and iPad

I deeply, truly love the story and spirit behind DODOcase -- hand-bound, artisanal cases for the iPad that wrap the latest in aluminum and glass and computer innovation, with the wood and cloth craftsmanship that stretch back to antiquity. You can place your iPad into a DODOcase, snap the elastic closed, slip it under your arm, and stroll down any boulevard or into any coffee shop and be indistinguishable from academics or hipsters alike, until you unsnap the band, fold back the cover, and start tapping away.

There's something wonderfully balanced and almost poignant about something as shiny and new as the iPad held in something as timeless and nostalgic as hand-bound book.

That it's not for everyone, that a DODOcase can't be used with other new bits of technology like Apple's SmartCover, that even a smaller DODOcase wouldn't be as practical for an iPhone as it is for an iPad hasn't been lost on DODOcase either -- they also make the BOOKback skin.

We'll take a look at both after the break.

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