SwitchEasy Origami Protective Case review: The iPad case that adapts to you

Switcheasy Origami Protective Case Ipad 10.
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Bottom line: This innovative folding case will prop up your iPad in every useful position and orientation. The SwitchEasy Origami Case also supports auto sleep/wake functionality, keeping things easy, as always.


  • +

    Innovative folding cover stands iPad in any orientation

  • +

    Supports auto-sleep/wake

  • +

    Supports magnetic attachment and charging for Apple Pencil 2

  • +

    Comes in several cute colors


  • -

    Folding stand can be tricky to figure out

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The SwitchEasy brand is all about providing innovation for a reasonable price, and the Origami case is no exception. The unique folding stand can prop the iPad up in different orientations or at different viewing angles, and it doubles as a protective cover for the screen. This stand supports every possible use for an iPad, from watching videos to scrolling to typing.

The case also has a space for the Apple Pencil, depending on which model iPad you have, and it keeps the Apple Pencil safely in place with an extra folding flap that stays closed magnetically. It can take a minute to figure out how the case works, but once you've got it, it's incredibly convenient and useful.

SwitchEasy Origami Case: Price and availability

Switcheasy Origami Protective Ipad Case

Switcheasy Origami Protective Ipad Case (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

The Origami iPad Case can be found in every color on the SwitchEasy website. It goes for $40 and is also available for every size of iPad, from the iPad mini to the bigger iPad Pro models. This case can also be found on Amazon, although not every color and size configuration is available on Amazon. Here, the Origami also goes for $40. Be sure to check iMore Deals periodically in case it goes on sale.

SwitchEasy Origami Case: Like a Smart Cover but better

Switcheasy Origami Protective Case

Switcheasy Origami Protective Case (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

The coolest thing about this case is clearly the folding stand. Embedded magnets allow it to be folded into different shapes that can be used to prop the iPad up into four different viewing positions. These include portrait, landscape, a lower landscape configuration, and a slightly elevated typing position. Each of these positions have their own individual uses, for example, I like portrait mode for video calls and landscape mode for watching movies. The lower landscape position is great for drawing.

Speaking of drawing, the Origami case is made to work with a stylus, such as the SwitchEasy EasyPencil Pro 3. Unfortunately, my 10.2-inch iPad does not support magnetic mounting or charging of the Apple Pencil, but the case makes up for this by including a dedicated strap for the stylus instead. There is a small magnetic flap that folds over the Apple Pencil to keep it firmly in place while you're on the go. This flap also serves to prevent the case from falling open as you carry it around.

The coolest thing about this case is clearly the folding stand.

The same folding stand that props the iPad up doubles as a protective cover for the iPad screen. It supports auto sleep/wake functionality, which is always a nice touch. Like the Apple Smart Cover, it is lined with a soft microfiber to keep your screen snug and safe. This iPad case does offer some protection, with its magnetic cover and raised edges around the screen and camera, but I'm not sure it could be classified as heavy-duty protection. I'll touch on that a little more in the next section.

Finally, I find this iPad case to be simple, sleek, and attractive. My own case is the classic black and gray design to go with my Space Gray iPad, but I like that this case comes in many fun colors. You can buy it in a variety of shades such as Pink Sand or Spring Green. I love having a range of choices to choose from, and this brand definitely delivers on that front.

SwitchEasy Origami Case: Confusing at first

Switcheasy Origami Ipad Case

Switcheasy Origami Ipad Case (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

I have to say that it did take me a minute to figure out this case at first. There aren't any instructions (maybe most people don't need instructions? 😳) so I had to mess around with the folding cover for awhile before I figured how to achieve each stand position. Every position requires a different type of fold, hence the name, Origami. Once you've got it down, however, it's easy to work with.

The only other thing is that I'm not sure this case is meant to provide heavy-duty protection. This is something I'm always concerned about since my kids do use my iPad on a regular basis. So far, it is holding up well, but this sleek case is certainly not as rugged as others I have used. This is a very cool case, but I'm not convinced it is the best choice for rough kids. The average user probably does not lend their iPad to wild children like mine, so this may not be an issue for most.

SwitchEasy Origami Protective Case: Competition

Moshi Versacover Case

Moshi Versacover Case (Image credit: Moshi)

The most similar case I've seen to the Origami is a case by Moshi called the VersaCover. This one also features a folding stand that can prop the iPad in multiple viewing angles. The VersaCover supports auto sleep/wake functionality as well, but it only has three viewing angles as opposed to the four angles offered by the Origami. The VersaCover is also $15 more expensive, so the Origami seems to be the better choice in my opinion.

SwitchEasy Origami Case: Should you buy it?

Switcheasy Origami Case Ipad 10.

Switcheasy Origami Case Ipad 10. (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

You should buy this if ...

  • You need to use your iPad in multiple orientations.
  • You want auto sleep/wake functionality.
  • You use your iPad with an Apple Pencil.

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You're looking for rugged protection.

The SwitchEasy Origami is an innovative iPad Case with a lot to offer. It supports four different viewing angles for every possible use of the iPad, from scrolling and making video calls to drawing and typing. The case supports magnetic charging of the Apple Pencil 2 or a dedicated stylus slot, depending on your iPad model. It also has a magnetic flap to keep the Apple Pencil secure while you carry the iPad about. While this is not the most protective iPad case I've seen, it is plenty protective enough to prevent everyday bumps and scratches.

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