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budget apps

Billguard now available in Canada

Billguard, an app and service for tracking charges across all of your credit and debit cards, is now available in Canada. The app watches your purchases, keeps you on top of your spending, and can alert you to potentially fraudulent charges.

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BillGuard 4.0 for iPhone brings spending analytics, savings alerts, and more

BillGuard is not only an app, but an entire service that helps you monitor your spending, be alerted of suspicious charges, and so much more. The BillGuard 4.0 update has just hit and brings even more features to help you manage your money including in-depth spending analytics, alerts for savings at your favorite places, and more.

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Funds for iOS lets you get a glimpse of where your money goes, tracks what you're saving

Funds for iOS is a minimalist budget app that allows you to input how much you earn and how much you spend. From there, you can see a simple breakdown of what percentage of your income goes to different expenses as well as how much you're saving each month.

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