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Calendar Apps

UpTo for iPhone and iPad: A calendar app you look forward to checking each day

UpTo is a new kind of calendar app for iOS that combines your personal and business schedules together in an incredibly unique way. Need to remember that board meeting tomorrow but also don't want to forget to check in on baseball scores? No problem. UpTo can keep you on task while letting you check in on personal things that are still important to you, when you have time.

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iPad calendar users rejoice! Fantastical 2 is on the way!

Flexibits has announced plans to release an all-new version of their popular calendar app for iOS for the iPad. They've posted a teaser page on their web site with the news.

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Best Calendar apps for Mac: Fantastical, BusyCal, QuickCal, and more!

Like it or not, we live and die by our calendars. Having a system that works for you, that keeps you on time, that tracks your events, that makes sure you're never late or in the wrong place for your appointments isn't a nice-to-have, it's a must-have. While the built-in OS X Calendar app... serviceable, it's by no means an all-star. But that's fine! There are plenty of great alternatives, from simple add-ons to complete calendar replacements that can make keeping track of your day, week, and month faster, easier, and all-around better. So which one is the absolute best calendar app for you? Here are my favorites!

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Calendars 5.3 lets you send and accept invitations, more

Calendars 5 has been updated to version 5.3, adding some features to help manage meatings and events more easily. You can now send and accept event invitations using Calendars 5.

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Sunrise Calendar goes universal, adds week view, background updates

Sunrise Calendar is now a universal app, adding a new design for the iPad in today's update to version 2.1. Also part of the update, Sunrise has a new Week view to both iPhone and iPad. On the iPhone, you can view three days at a time, while on the iPad, you can view five in portrait, and seven in landscape.

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Fantastical 2 updated with new icon badge options, better geofence handling, and more

Fantastical 2, one of our favorite alternative Calendar apps for iPhone, has just been updated to version 2.0.2 and even though it's a point release that contains bug fixes, it also contains a few new features as well. Among them are new app icon badge options and better handling for location matching and search results when using geofences.

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Fantastical 2 update improves notifications, icon badges and more!

Fantastical 2 is one of the premiere iOS 7 calendar applications, and today it's getting an update to make it even more awesome. Top of the list are improvements to the notifications, which now have a sound, and new icon badges options for today's remaining events, today's due reminders, and incomplete reminders.

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Cal by gets updated with full iOS 7 support

Back when we reviewed Cal by, we described it as the iOS 7 calendar experience before iOS 7 was released to the world. Now, the popular calendar app has been updated with proper, full blooded iOS 7 support.

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Best alternative calendar apps for iPhone redux

There's no shortage of choices when it comes to alternative calendar apps for iPhone. In fact, there's so many that it can sometimes be overwhelming to find the perfect one for you. Since the App Store is always changing, it's only fair that our recommendations and favorites change with it. And we've updated that list again:

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Fantastical 2 brings iOS 7 good looks, Reminders smarts

I hate Fantastical. And I hate Fantastical 2 even more. Except I kinda love them. And I hate that most of all. Thing is, I don't like calendars. They remind me of everything I have to do, and I have far too many of those things, and I don't want to do most of them. I don't even want to enter them into my calendar. I want them to leave me alone. But I don't have that option. So, since I have to do them, and I need a way to remember to do them, I also need a way to make that as quick and painless as possible. And that brings me right back to Fantastical, the one calendar app that's actually quick and painless enough that I have no excuse not to use it. More precisely, Fantastical 2, and even quicker, more painless, flat out better way than even the original. With an iOS 7 redesign. And Reminders integration. And a landscape week view. Dammit.

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