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SuperSwitcher adds more functionality to the iPhone's Fast App Switcher [jailbreak]

SuperSwitcher is a new jailbreak mod in Cydia that offers extended functionality and settings access to the Fast App Switcher on your iPhone.

Don't you just hate searching for your favorite app icon in between so many Springboard pages? Wish you could just "bookmark" your favorite apps in the multitasking bar? Now you can with SuperSwitcher!

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iPhone 4S audio issue most likely won't see a fix with iOS 5.1

As noted by GigaOM, a lot of iPhone 4S and some iPhone 4 users are continuing to experience an issue where they cannot hear anything from the recipient on an outgoing call.

The issue in question is when the iPhone 4S (and according to some reports, the iPhone 4, too) mutes all audio on the caller’s end when placing an outgoing voice call. The person on the other end of the line can hear everything just fine, but on the caller’s end, there’s no ringing sound and no audio from a recipient speaking.

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Why do iPhone notifications vibrate in your ear when you're on a call?

Have you ever been on a call on your iPhone when an SMS or email or push notification came in only to experience a terrible vibration right in your ear? iPhone has a setting to enable and disable vibrate both for silent mode (ringer switch off) and in general so you can set it up to ring, ring and vibrate, or just vibrate. What you can't seem to do is set it up not to vibrate when you're already on a call.

What's curious is that not everyone seems to complain about this, and some people seem to only notice it after a firmware update. Forum member iErick as well as others have all been experiencing this issue ever since they made the upgrade to iOS 4.2.1.

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How do you place calls on your iPhone?

How do you place calls on your iPhone? To be frank, I'm usually so busy doing other things I sometimes forget my iPhone is in fact a phone -- until it rings and yanks me out of whatever game or social network or website I'm engaged with. But when I need to reach someone else, that ability to place calls is suddenly the most important aspect of the device again. That's why we're curious how you use it.

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Video iChat References Removed from iPhone 3.2 SDK Beta 4

9to5Mac continues to search the latest iPhone 3.2 SDK beta and have found that Apple has removed all of the video iChat references that were found in the first beta a few weeks back showing icons for accepting and declining video chat, as well as strings referencing the same functions.

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