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How to update jailbreak apps through Cydia

Jailbreak apps and tweaks have to updated just like apps you buy from the official App Store. While the process is a bit different, Cydia, the jailbreak app store, makes it pretty simple.

Much like the App Store, Cydia will let you know when you've got updates available for any apps installed on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. If you see a little red badge on your Cydia icon, it probably means you've got updates waiting to install.

To install jailbreak app updates:

  1. Launch Cydia
  2. Tap on the Changes tab.

(opens in new tab)
  1. Look for Available Upgrades to see what's pending.
  2. Tap on the Upgrade button at the top right to begin.
  3. Restart your springboard, if needed, or return to Cydia

All of your apps and utilities should now be up to date and ready to go.

Note: If developers provide them, always check out the change logs before doing an update.

It's important to remember to always check out changelogs when developers provide them for updates. There have been certain situations where an update may only be recommended for a certain device or firmware version. It doesn't happen often but it's always a good practice to read any release notes that come with any update a jailbreak utility may have.

That's it! You've updated your jailbreak content to the most current versions and you're good to go! If you run into any issues or have any questions, be sure to check out our other jailbreak resources below.

Additional jailbreak resources:

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  • Are you being sarcastic? Some people don't know how to do this, or won't bother because they've never come across it
  • Putting the icon in the center vs the right side can really throw people for a loop. Steve said it should go on the right side so that is only place it should be. If it were on the right, it would likely violate an apple patent.
  • This post is helpful and informative for a person considering jailbreaking.
  • Very helpful for people that have never Jailbroken their Apple device. Many people I have helped jailbreak, where very hesitant to do anything in Cydia, specially updating. Once they use Cydia a bit they get the hang of it and loosen up a bit. Good info for noobs :)
  • Horray for noobs
  • We try and provide information for ALL users, not just advanced ones. While it may not apply to you, it does apply to others (I get the e-mails from them asking how to do things like this).
  • yes, some people don't know
    ex: i provide jailbreak service to novice people so in future if they want to upgrade something "activator" this tutorial is helpful
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