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What you need to know

  • Apple has stopped signing iOS 13.5.
  • That means that people can't downgrade or upgrade to that release.
  • The move prevents people from installing iOS 13.5 to jailbreak.

Apple has stopped signing iOS 13.5 after releasing iOS 13.5.1 to the public last week. That update did little more than patch a hole that allowed the unc0ver jailbreak to do its thing. And now the other shoe has dropped – nobody can install iOS 13.5 anymore.

Anyone who was already running iOS 13.5 is fine and can continue to jailbreak, but anyone who updated to iOS 13.5.1 can no longer downgrade in the hope of jailbreaking. The same goes for anyone running any previous release – upgraders will have to install iOS 13.5.1, complete with its jailbreak patch.

Apple routinely stops signing older releases of iOS but the move this time around is particularly notable because of the jailbreak component. Apple always tries to make sure its users are using the latest and greatest release, but that's doubly the case when jailbreaking is involved in the conversation.

Anyone who doesn't plan to jailbreak should update to iOS 13.5.1 as soon as possible via the usual update methods. The only reason to stick to iOS 13.5 is if you intend to go down the jailbreak path.