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How to delete multiple contacts at once from your iPhone

Who are all of these people and why are they in my Contacts list and how do I get rid of them all at once?

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How to get lost iCloud contacts back on your iPhone

Why has my friend's contact info disappeared from my iPhone? You may need to resync your iPhone with iCloud.

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How to back up your contacts on Mac

Loved ones, business connections, Magic: The Gathering card dealers, whatever β€” your contacts are important. Back 'em up on your Mac!

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How to customize Contacts cards on your Mac

Master your Mac's Contacts app by customizing the cards of the people you know.

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How to use Contacts on Mac

Learn the ins and outs of the Contacts app on your Mac, from adding a contact to sending them a text with a simple button press.

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How to create relationships for contacts on iPhone

Creating relationships for contacts with your iPhone can make things much easier while you're rocking your phone hands-free. Ready to start a new relationship?

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How to personalize Contacts on iPhone and iPad

How do I add a custom ring tone to a contact on iPhone? Personalize your contacts – here's how!

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How to use Contacts on iPhone and iPad

Organize the names, numbers, mail, social, and other contact information that means the most to you!

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How to create Friend groups on Apple Watch

Just because the Friends button only shows you 12 contacts doesn't mean you're only limited to 12 total on your Apple Watch: You can create as many groups of friends and family as you want.

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How to set up your Friends list on Apple Watch

Put your most important contacts at your fingertips with the "Friends" list on Apple Watch. Then, you can quickly access them just by pressing the Side button. We show you how.

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