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Apple finds support from EFF and ACLU in privacy fight

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union have expressed their support for Apple's stance on user privacy.

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EFF busts patent troll's podcasting patent

The Electronic Frontier Foundation on Friday announced victory against a patent troll that demanded money from podcasters.

And while the EFF says that it's a key victory, the non-profit organization says that there's much left to do. What's more, the company at the center of the controversy remains in business.

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EFF ranks iMessage, Facetime more secure than mass market competitors

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has issued security rankings for several popular communication platforms, including Apple's iMessage Google's Hangouts and Skype from Microsoft. Both iMessage and Apple's FaceTime were named as the best mass market options for secure messaging according to the EFF's criteria. These categories include message encryption in transit, independent code review, and proper documentation of security.

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EFF speaks on the illegality of unlocking in the US and what it means for end users

As of just a few days ago, unlocking your iPhone, or any other wireless device for that matter, is no longer legal. The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has stepped forward to clarify exactly what that means and who it ultimately will affect. As it turns out, it isn't necessarily the end user that would be violating the law.

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iOS slammed as "crystal prison" by Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Electronic Frontiter Foundation (EFF), an electronic rights activist group, has recently labeled the iPhone and iPad app ecosystem as a "crystal prison" for developers and end-users. The EFF's main justifications for this conclusion include Apple's content filters, restrictions on code usage (like ones tapping into AirPlay uninvited), and limiting developers to using Apple's payment infrastructure (though some devs seem pretty happy with the current set-up).

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DMCA jailbreak exemption set to expire, EFF asks for your help to get it renewed and expanded

The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is asking for your help to tell the U.S. Copyright Office that jailbreaking does not violate the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), and its exemption should be continued and expanded.

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EFF: Apple should defend developers in face of patent threats

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has called on Apple to be developers' knight in shining armor in face of threats from patent trolls. As TiPb covered in our special edition iPhone Live podcast with FOSS Patent's Florian Mueller, iOS developers including James Thomson of PCalc and the Iconfactory, makers of Twitterrific have received letters from patent holding company, Lodsys, asking for licensing fees for the use of in-app purchases for in-app upgrades. The EFF sees that position as untenable:

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EFF Uses NASA to Out iPhone SDK License Agreement

The Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) petitioned NASA (an iPhone developer - iTunes link) under the Freedom of Information Act to provide them with a copy of Apple's iPhone SDK License Agreement, and have gone through and provided both a link to the agreement (an older version, provided at the time of the request) and some analysis of what it contains.

For those not familiar with the document, it contains the legal terms a developer must agree to before they can develop for the iPhone platform. Since the EFF and Apple have been duking it out over Jailbreaking for a while now -- the EFF wants Jailbreaking to be made an official exception to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and Apple has opposed that move -- the EFF thinks the SDK agreement is particularly interesting at the moment.

The major points brought out and up by the EFF include:

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EFF Powered BluWiki Sues Apple: Leave Our iTunes Database Hacks Alone!

Apple Insider reports that the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) is helping OdioWorks LLC file suit in an attempt to get Apple to stop threatening to sue them. Complicated much?

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