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Best App.net apps for iPhone: Riposte, Netbot, and Felix!

Looking for the absolute best iPhone apps in the App Store? You've come to the right place! App.net provides a ton of different services, including the Alpha micro-blogging platform that works just like Twitter but with a larger character limit and a business model that's far more friendly to developers and people in general. All of that has combined to make App.net a nerd-oasis on the internet and on the iPhone. There are lots of different App.net apps on the App Store each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. But which ones are the very best?

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Felix for App.net updates iPhone version with more gestures, new look for private messages, and more

Felix, one of the more popular clients for App.net has just received a rather generous update including more gesture support, a facelift and enhancements to private messaging, full size images, and more.

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Felix for iPad review: Same great gesture for App.net, new bigger size!

The popular iPhone App.net (ADN) client Felix has made it's way to the iPad and includes the same elegant appeal with tons of features. What sets it apart from the iPhone version is the new navigation puck that lets Felix be used in a tab-free environment.

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Felix for app.net updated to support ADN storage and more!

Felix by tigerbears, one of the most distinctive app.net clients to date, has updated with new features to take advantage of ADN's growing list of uniquely non-Twitter-like attributes. Namely, Felix now supports ADN's new File API, so you can store your photos and videos directly in your ADN account, and not have to worry about third-party hosting services.

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iMore Editors' Choice for October 14, 2012

Every week, the editors at iMore carefully select some of our favorite, most useful, most extraordinary apps, accessories, gadgets, and websites. This week's selections include video player for jailbroken iPads, a classic board game, a lawyer game, and an ADN client.

To see what we picked, follow along after the break!

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Netbot vs. Felix vs. Rivr: App.net apps for iPhone shootout!

While App.net (ADN) may be pretty new, it doesn't mean many users aren't already on it, including iMore and our staff. Even though the service hasn't been around for very long, there are already some choices when it comes to choosing an ADN iPhone app.

Netbot, Felix, and Rivr are all fully functional ADN apps for iPhone but is one better than the other, and more importantly, which one should you use? Follow along and we'll help you decide.

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Felix for App.net for iPhone review

Felix is an iPhone client for the Twitter-like social network called App.net. There may not be very many iPhone apps available for the service, yet, but even with little competition, the folks at tigerbears have done a beautifully phenomenal job with Felix.

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