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Emoji, productivity, and large phones dominated mobile in 2015

Mobile app analytics group Flurry has published its look back at 2015, noting that apps for personalization, productivity, and news all saw significant growth in usage throughout the year. It also noted that use of phones with larger screens, or phablets, continued to grow.

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Flurry for Twitter for iPhone review

Flurry for Twitter is a new iPhone twitter app in the App Store that is just absolutely stunning in design. It features gorgeous animations, intuitive gestures, great sounds, and more. Flurry for Twitter is by no means "fully featured", and although I'm always one to argue that less is more, Ash Apps may have left out a little too much to justify Flurry's price.

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7 out of 10 apps are for iOS, iPhone and iPad devs earn four times more revenue

Flurry Analytics has recently compiled developer research data from January to March, and found that 7 of 10 apps developed are on iOS, and that for ever dollar an iOS developer makes, Android developers make $0.24.

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Steve Jobs at D8 video: on iAds and how Flurry made Apple furious

Steve Jobs, speaking at the D8 Conference, thinks Apple is naive, because one day they read that Flurry analytics detected them testing new iPhone and iPad devices by getting developers to put code in their apps that send geolocation and other data from customers back to Flurry. They don't ask customers for consent, violates Apple's privacy rules. It "pissed Apple off".

Even with IadsApple won't block other advertisers but they've decided analytics can only be used for advertising, not to be sent to 3rd parties for sale and for leaking Apple technology. (Steve was fiery mad!)

No excuse not to ask a customer for consent to send private data. Maybe after Apple calms down they'll talk to some of these analytics firms, but it won't be today.

Video after the break! (Again, fiery mad!)

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