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Apple TV adds FOX Now, CNBC to channel lineup

The Apple TV has added a couple of new sections today, FOX Now and CNBC. Both channels allow you to watch on-demand content from both providers, and require you to sign in and activate your Apple TV with your cable provider before you can use them completely.

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Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff gets nerdy with Comic Con

Starting today, Comic Con is coming to Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. In the latest update to the popular iPhone and iPad game, Quahog is hosting its very own Comic Con event and with it comes a whole host of new celebrity, and 'superhero' characters. Oh, and Stewie gets turned into an evil octopus, can't forget that!

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Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff headed to iOS on April 10

FOX and TinyCo has announced that their new Family Guy mobile game will be headed to the App Store from April 10. MacRumors reports that the official name and release date of the title were unveiled at a launch event in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

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Family Guy jumping to the smaller screen in 2014 free-to-play title for iOS and Android

Family Guy is heading to the iPhone and iPad – and Android devices – in 2014 in a new simulation game from the team behind The Simpsons: Tapped Out. The new game will be set in Quahog, feature all our favorite characters from the show, and will be free-to-play with in-game 'microtransactions' financing things according to Gamespot:

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Fox Five reports on iPhone 5 lines in New York, then tells viewers it has a laser keyboard and holographic display

I'm sure you have all heard the old saying, "never let facts get in the way of a good story", well Fox News has certainly done just that. During a report by Fox Five which is aired in New York, a reporter was telling the story of how lines were already forming outside of the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in anticipation of the iPhone 5 launch. Fox Five then inexplicably cut to a video showing an ultra-thin device which was actually a concept done way back in August 2011 and nothing like the iPhone 5 that we all saw announced last week. The report then goes on to explain some of the new features of the iPhone 5 and again they are all amazingly incorrect.

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NBC: No one will watch our shows more than once

Doesn't look like NBC will be joining iTunes' $0.99 TV show rental service anytime soon, as CEO Jeff Zucker thinks it's not enough to charge for 22-44 min. of... whatever soon to be cancelled sitcom they've shoved up against that inane reality show on that other network:

We do not think 99 cents is the right price point for our content. ... We thought it would devalue our content," Zucker said at a Goldman Sachs investor conference. He pointed to the fact NBC shows are already available for $1.99 for download on Apple's iTunes service.

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GetGlue for iPhone/iPad - app review

GetGlue for iPhone and iPad [iTunes Link] are social networking sites where you can let your friends know what you're watching, reading, playing, or thinking about.Β  Similar to FourSquare and Gowalla, you check in to show your friends what you're up to.Β  You can also leave reviews on pretty much everything and people can then like your comments or let you know if they find them helpful.Β  As you check into things, you can earn stickers for your favorite items. You can also choose to have those stickers mailed to you once you collect 7. Click through for more screenshots and another video featuring the iPad version!

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Rupert Murdoch says iPad may be savior of newspapers

Rupert Murdoch, head of the massive News corp. whose holding include the Wall Street Journal and FOX, told the National Press Club in Washington that the iPad may just rescue old print-and-delivery-bound media:

"It may well be the saving of the newspaper industry", by making it cheaper to distribute content to a broader audience, Mr Murdoch said. He expected the iPad to have eight or nine competitors within 12 months.

"There's going to be tens of millions of these things sold all over the world," he said.

He said it would also help bring down the costs of newspaper publishing because "you don't have the costs of paper, ink, printing, trucks".

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