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Google updates Chrome for iOS 7, better Google Apps integration

Google's suite of apps for iOS already look pretty swell in iOS 7, but that hasn't stopped Mountain View today pushing out an update to the Chrome Browser. Beyond a slightly tweaked look and feel for iOS 7, the headline news here is better integration with Google's other apps for iOS.

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Google Chrome for iOS fixes video playback bug

Google Chrome for iOS has been updated. This update contains a fix for embedded video playback in iOS 5.1, as well as other bug fixes and security improvements.

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Chrome for iOS update lets you open links in other Google apps

Google Chrome for iOS has received a major update, adding integration with other Google apps, along with other enhancements, including data use management and improved voice search.

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Google Chrome update for iOS adds the new improved voice search

We knew it was coming, but Google has now finally pushed out their new and improved voice search enabling update to the Chrome browser for iOS. The update brings Chrome for iOS up to version 27, and in line with the desktop and Android versions of the browser.

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Voice search coming to Google Chrome Omnibox on iOS

An update is due to hit for Google Chrome on iOS in the coming days, and with it we'll see their new voice search capabilities added to the Omnibox. Having just rolled out a similar feature to Google Chrome for Mac -- albeit using the Google home page instead -- it seems the iOS version is next on the list.

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Voice search activated in latest Google Chrome update for Mac

Shown off last week during the Google I/O keynote for the first time, the latest stable channel update to Google Chrome for Mac brings with it the voice search functionality. The full contextual search doesn't yet seem active, but basic click, ask a question, get a response voice search is up and running and ready for your searches.

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Google Chrome app launcher making its way to the Mac

Anyone who has ever played around with Google Chrome OS will be familiar with the app launcher. Chrome runs nothing but web apps, but the app launcher provides the impression of a more regular OS, as you don't have to open a browser window to launch anything. Work has already begun on porting the app launcher to the Chrome browser for Windows, and now it seems, the Mac as well. Francois Beaufort of the Chromium team at Google has shared the news with us on his Google+ page.

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Google Chrome vs Safari: iOS Browser shootout!

Google Chrome for iOS was released today, so we naturally put it up against the default browser, Safari. We conducted some basic tests, such as load times (which revealed a slight lead for Chrome in two tests), JavaScript (where Safari had a significant lead), HTML5, and CSS (roughly equivalent).

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Did you hear the one about Chrome for iOS?

Earlier today an analyst published a claim that Google would be making Chrome for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and would market it extensively, and basically bring the desktop browser wars to mobile. He didn't claim any sources to go with, anonymous or otherwise, or any leaked information.

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