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Jailbreak Vs Stock

iOS 6 and what it means for jailbreak

Another WWDC keynote has come and gone and with it we've gotten to take a look at what iOS 6 will have to offer iOS users this Fall. If you jailbreak you may already be wondering what iOS 6 will mean for you.

We've been jailbreaking our iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches for years in order to get ahold of certain features that Apple just couldn't or didn't want to give us yet. Every year and with each new iteration of iOS Apple closes that gap. This year was no exception and Apple did give us a few things that we previously could only achieve via jailbreak like FaceTime over the network. But is what we got enough? Will iOS 6 leave just as much of a need to jailbreak?

I think so and here's why.

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Jailbreak innovation: still the future of iOS

At WWDC 2011 Apple once again "borrowed" a lot of great ideas from the Jailbreak community and gave them to iOS 5, including lock screen info, notifications, WiFi sync, volume buttons to take pictures, and a lot more. That's not a bad thing -- I even asked them to do exactly that this year. Whether you jailbreak or not, whether you realize it or not, the jailbreak community benefits all iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users -- pure and jailbreak alike.

Follow along to find out why.

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