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Today on the Forums: Must Read For Jailbreakers, iPhone Attachable Keyboard, When to Expect the 2.2 Firmware

Our iPhone Forums have been busy as of late, so lets get things going...

Jailbreaking has been a very popular topic lately here on TiPb. So, it's fitting that everyone interested in that topic check out the thread and click on the link. There are a few pieces of software out there today that allow you to Jailbreak. Personally and for most of the TiPb Team QuickPwn is the popular choice, and we tend to avoid "others" out there. This must-read link for iPhone jailbreakers will tell you why.

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Counter Strike: Apple Fires Back at Jailbreakers!

ZOMG! Apple has fought back! The only way Apple can fix the exploit that the iPhone Dev Team has been using to Jailbreak iPhone's and iPod Touch's (check out our forums for more on that) is to fix their hardware, but it seems Apple has figured out a way to program iTunes 8 to detect and prevent the Pwnage exploit.

Apple may have won that battle but they have not won the war. The Dev Team reacted promptly:


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