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Location Services

Location permissions in iOS 8: Explained

Every day our iPhones and iPads become a little more integrated in our lives. Every day they learn a little more about us and become more capable than they were before. And every day many of us make a choice to hand over more information about ourselves in exchange for features and convenience. One such piece of information is our location. There's a seemingly endless list of apps that may want to track your location for a variety reasons. From mapping your bike rides to recommending nearby restaurants, many of us grant apps permission to access our location every day. As more apps request and make use of this type of sensitive information, it becomes increasingly important for users to have more granular control over which apps access what information and when. With iOS 8, we will see some noteworthy changes to location permissions intended to provide more transparency, and give users more control.

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The State of Apple's Location Services and User Privacy

Apple’s handling of location data has made its way back into headlines recently due to a tool written by security researcher Hubert Seiwert. Seiwert presented the iSniff GPS tool, which makes it easy to capture potentially sensitive iPhone user data, last July at the Blackhat USA security conference and posted the source code to Github a month later. While the tool isn’t particularly new, it has been the recipient of some media attention after being covered earlier this month by SC Magazine. While the disclosure of the sensitive information by iPhones was previously known, iSniff makes the information more easily accessible and is worth a closer look to determine if users need to worry.

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How to grant or deny access to your location with iOS 6 privacy controls

iOS 6 brings with it granular privacy controls so you can now fine tune exactly what built-in and App Store apps can access your location and share it on a pre-app basis. If you prefer not to have any apps accessing your location, you can disable location services altogether. If you don't want your favorite Twitter app to locate you, you can turn it off while still allowing your Weather app or the Camera access.

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Daily Tip: How to turn off Locations Services for iPhone, iPad

Paranoid about your location being known and curious how to turn off any iPhone tracking that might be going on?Location Services can be a really nice feature to have when you want to geotag a photo, checkin to a game, use turn-by-turn navigation, or find a nearby restaurant. Privacy, however, is a really important issue and sometimes it is better to switch this service off just in case. This can be done very easily, you can turn off all Location Services completely or choose which applications can access them.  It is very simple to do and we show you how, after the break!

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Gowalla Version 3 now available for iPhone!

Gowalla version 3 in now available in the App Store. This is the most significant update Gowalla has released for iPhone. So what are some of the new features?

For starters there is a completely new interface. At fist, I found it a little confusing, but I can navigate OK now. Beyond the interface overhaul, the most exciting new feature has to be notes. You can leave notes for your friends at a location. So, the next time they check in at your favorite restaurant, they will be notified that a note was left for them.

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Apple Patents Google Latitude-like Service for iPhone... with Front Facing Camera?

Did Apple reject Google Latitude from the App Store because they're getting ready to launch a similar service of their own... that also uses a front-facing camera? Maybe, maybe not, but Patently Apple found this latest application, and 9to5mac seems to think it's a possibility:

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Loopt and AT&T Work Out $3.99/month "Always On" Location Updates Deal for iPhone

Loopt [Free - iTunes link], which matches social networks with location-based services into one smoldering hot Web 2.0 sammich, has struck a deal with AT&T that will let them update their iPhone users' location information even when the Loopt app proper isn't running.

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Location-Based Home Screens, Speech to Text, Image Transport, Event-Based Contacts, In-Call File Transfer -- Apple iPhone Patent Watch!

Like an old episode of Star Trek, Apple patents provide us with a look at many possible futures for the iPhone, some of which -- but not all of which -- may one day be ours. Cases in point, AppleInsider rounds up the latest batch from Cupertino:

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Dev-Team: Palm Pre May Track User Location, but 3rd Party iPhone Apps Do Too!

The iPhone Dev-Team take a break from the Jailbreak to throw some light on the issue of 3rd party iPhone apps tracking users' location. Joey Hess and our friends over at PreCentral.net kicked up a bit of a ruckus last week detailing how the Palm Pre reports users' location data back to Palm HQ. Well, says the Dev-Team:

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TiPb Answers: Why Does My iPhone Think it's in a Different State?

TiPb loves answering your questions, but we also love sharing our answers with the community in hopes that more people will benefit, and even better answers will present themselves (hey, that’s why we have them forums!). Today’s question comes from Stupendoussteve on Twitter:

ever heard of iPhone finding you at a previous address, states away, where you've never even taken the phone (post restore)?

We have! And TiPb answers after the break!

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