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Loewe Speaker 2 go review: Premium sound for a premium price

Speaker systems that hook into your iPhone or your iPod are nothing new, they've been with us for many years now. Neither is the idea of a premium speaker that does just that. Bose were one of the first to make a popular, mainstream, high-end speaker dock, and we've since seen efforts from others such as Bower & Wilkins with the mighty Zeppelin range. The fact both are available through the Apple Retail Stores helps their appeal, but now there is another way; Loewe.

Perhaps not the most recognisable name to many, Loewe has a reputation – especially in Europe – for building high end TVs and home entertainment equipment. At a recent press gathering in Italy, I went eyes on with the AirSpeaker, and learned first hand of their next project with a mobile focus; the Speaker 2 go. It recently launched to the public, and we've had the pleasure of taking a look at one.

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Eyes on with the Loewe AirSpeaker, premium Airplay speaker with a premium price to match

The Loewe AirSpeaker has been on the market for a little while now, but at the recent IFA Global Press Conference in Sardinia, the German manufacturer was on hand to show it off. Airplay compatible speakers aren't uncommon, but Loewe is a premium brand in the world of home electronics, and the AirSpeaker is no exception.

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Apple rumored to be in talks to acquire high end HDTV manufacturer Loewe [Updated: Nope]

Apple is rumored to be in talks to acquire high end German HDTV manufacturer Loewe. The news comes from an anonymous source who claims that Apple has offered 87.3 million euros (around $112 million dollars).

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