Tribit StormBox Micro 2 review: Big features in a little package

Stormbox Micro2
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Bottom line: Tribit StormBox Micro 2 is a pocket-sized, Bluetooth speaker that delivers powerful bass and well-balanced sound. It doubles as a portable power bank and offers 12 hours of battery life, an IP67 rating, TWS, and simultaneous Bluetooth pairing. It features a versatile strap so you can attach it to your handlebars, backpack, belt loop, and more; making it a handy, lightweight companion.


  • +

    Pocket-sized + versatile silicone strap

  • +

    Doubles as power bank

  • +

    TWS + simultaneous Bluetooth pairing

  • +


  • +

    12-hour battery life


  • -

    Mid-levels drop with volume

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I've been reviewing a lot of headphones and speakers lately, and as a high-quality sound enthusiast, I've been having a great time doing it. My latest speaker review features the Tribit StormBox Micro 2. This pocket-sized speaker delivers surprisingly bold bass and rich sound for a micro. It conveniently doubles as a portable charger making it an optimal two-in-one device. It offers extended battery life, party and stereo modes, as well as simultaneous Bluetooth pairing. It sounds best at 40% volume or higher, and its size, weight, and convenient silicone strap ensure you can bring beats and power with you wherever you go.

Tribit StormBox Micro 2: Price and availability

Stormbox Micro2

Stormbox Micro2 (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

Tribit StormBox Micro 2 is currently available on Amazon and the Tribit site for $60. Your purchase comes with one StormBox Micro 2 speaker, a user manual, and a UCB-C to UCB-C fast charging cable.

Tribit StormBox Micro 2: What sounds good

Tribit Stormbox Micro

Tribit Stormbox Micro (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

Let's get down to brass tacks, Tribit StormBox Micro 2 packs big sound for such a little speaker. The Micro 2 weighs less than a pound (.6 pounds to be exact), but its sound is parallel to that of a medium-sized speaker. Its output power is 10 watts, but at max volume, it sounds like much more. It uses a specially designed 48-millimeter NdFeB driver, integration of passive radiators, and XBASS technology to produce dynamic audio — crisp, clear trebles, well-balanced mids, and bold, rich bass lines.

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SpecsTreblab HD Max
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.3
UsesIndoors and outdoors
Durability ratingIP67
Battery lifeUp to 12 hours
Wireless rangeUp to 120 feet
Dimensions3.9 x 3.9 x 1.7 inches
Output power10W
Charging portUSB-C
Weight.6 pounds

This is the second speaker I've reviewed from Tribit. I recently reviewed the Tribit XSound Mega and overall, I'm very impressed with the sound quality on both speakers, especially when considering price point. Both speakers deliver high-fidelity audio at a competitive cost in their respective categories, making them an excellent value.

The StormBox Micro 2 easily fits in the palm of my hand and is outfitted with a silicone carrying strap so it can attach to a fanny pack (my favorite method of toting), belt loop, tree branch, backpack, handlebars, etc. — you get the picture. It's lightweight and versatile and is designed for the outdoors with an IP67 rating. It feels durable and has had no problem holding up to dust and sand in my experience. I've brought it to the desert and beach so it's been immersed in both, and it easily weathered the journey. It's not designed to be submerged in water but it will survive if that happens as long as you pull it out within 30 minutes. A frequent companion to the beach and pool, it's proven itself to be splash-proof.

Tribit Stormbox Micro

Tribit Stormbox Micro (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

One of the coolest things about this speaker is that it doubles as a portable power bank. It uses Tribit's SmartID technology and features a water-resistant USB-C charging port to charge your phone, tablet, and other compatible accessories. Take note that the Micro 2 comes with a UCB-C to UCB-C charging cable, but you'd need to purchase a Lightning to USB-C cable to charge your phone, which I recommend. This has come in handy on several occasions and has made this speaker a must-bring everywhere in my book.

StormBox Micro 2 features a water-resistant USB-C charging port to charge your phone, tablet, and accessories on the go.

The controls are straightforward and easy to use. The volume buttons obviously control the volume, and the circle multifunctional button in the middle can play, pause, skip next and previous, activate Siri, answer and end phone calls, reject a call, pause a current call and answer an incoming call, and switch between phone calls. It's outfitted with a mic so it can even operate as a speakerphone. It's got dedicated power and Bluetooth button, as well as LED lights to indicate battery level.

Tribit StormBox Micro 2 uses Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity and features a connection range of up to 120 feet. It offers up to 12 hours of playback depending on usage. This is a dramatic improvement from its predecessor, the Tribit StormBox Micro, which offers eight. It features Party Mode where you can connect to another Tribit StormBox 2 speaker for bigger sound and more bumping bass. It also offers Stereo Mode where one speaker will sound left and the other right for a surround sound experience. It can remember up to eight paired Bluetooth devices and supports two-device simultaneous Bluetooth pairing.

Tribit StormBox Micro 2: What doesn't sound good

Stormbox Micro2

Stormbox Micro2 (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

There's a lot to like about Tribit StormBox Micro 2. My only complaint is that it doesn't sound great at lower volumes. In my opinion, it sounds best at 40% volume or higher. The mid-levels really start to drop out on anything below that, creating a bass-heavy, treble-heavy distortion.

Tribit StormBox Micro 2: Competition

Apple Homepod Mini White Iphone Pairing

Apple Homepod Mini White Iphone Pairing (Image credit: Apple)

We reviewed Apple HomePod mini and loved it for its compact size and more affordable price tag than the original Apple HomePod. It boasts the excellent sound quality we've come to expect via Apple, and seamless integration with Siri for Apple Music and controlling your smart home. It supports Bluetooth connectivity, but it is a wired speaker, so it's not portable like Tribit StormBox Micro 2. I don't own a HomePod mini so I can't compare the sound quality myself, but Tribit StormBox Micro 2 offers exceptional sound quality, is wireless, also integrates with Siri, also functions as a portable battery pack, and comes at almost half the price, making it a better value.

Marshall Emberton Speaker Hero

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Yet another small Bluetooth speaker, we reviewed the Marshall Emberton Speaker last year and were fans of its excellent battery life, rich sound quality, and IPX7 water resistance rating. It offers up to 20 hours of playtime, which is substantially more than StormBox Micro 2's 12 hours. However, it boasts a much heftier price tag of $150, and does not double as a portable power bank. Therefore, Tribit StormBox Micro 2 offers more bang for your buck!

Tribit StormBox Micro 2: Should you buy it?

Tribit Stormbox Micro

Tribit Stormbox Micro (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

You should buy this if ...

  • You want high-quality sound in a micro package
  • You're interested in a two-in-one music and charging device
  • You're looking for something portable

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You want a medium or large-sized speaker
  • You plan on playing it very quietly all of the time

You should buy this if you want high-quality sound in a micro package. Tribit StormBox Micro 2 is the best-sounding micro speaker I've listened to. It provides excellent audio and doubles as a USB-C charging port, able to power up compatible devices at home or on the go. As a micro speaker that weighs just over half a pound with a handly carrying strap, StormBox Micro 2 is about as portable as it gets. You shouldn't buy this if you want a medium or large-sized speaker — it's named micro for a reason.

Tribit StormBox Micro 2 is an excellent value. This feature-heavy micro speaker fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to take anywhere. The fact that it doubles as a power bank makes it a must-have device on all adventures. It delivers high-quality sound but sounds best at 40% volume or higher. Overall, Tribit StormBox Micro 2 offers the best sound quality, battery life, and multi-functionality than any other speaker I've discovered in its category: best mini Bluetooth speakers.

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