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How to redeem a gift card or promo code in the Mac App Store

Do you have a gift card for the Mac App Store? Are you wondering how to use it?

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Piezo improves application audio recording, exits the Mac App Store

Mac audio recording app Piezo has been update to version 1.5, adding better support for recording application audio. Developer Rogue Amoeba has also announced that it is pulling Piezo from the Mac App Store to sell it directly.

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In the shadow of two App Stores

The debate surrounding the viability of the Mac App Store for indie Mac apps has flared up again. Why and what can be done about it?

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Apple issues apology to developers over recent Mac App Store certificate issues

Apple has sent out an email to developers apologizing for the recent "damaged app" issues to hit the Mac App Store due to an expired security certificate, along with a detailed explanation of what happened.

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Here's what's happening with the Mac App Store and 'damaged' apps

Earlier this week Mac App Store (MAS) apps, on launch, were showing up as "damaged" and couldn't be opened. The old MAS security certificate seemed to have expired and a new one, at first, didn't seem to be showing up. Here's my current understanding of what happened.

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Getting "app is damaged and can't be opened" errors on your Mac? Here's the fix!

Apple seems to have allowed the security certificate for the Mac App Store to expire yesterday and while they've since issued a new one, not every Mac seems to have picked it. So, if you're trying to launch an app and all you get is the "damaged and can't be opened" popup, here's what you need to do.

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Mac owners have trouble using apps after security certificate snafu

Mac users have reported problems with opening apps purchased from the Mac App Store, the culprit apparently being expired security certificate.

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iPhoto and Aperture temporarily disappear from Mac App Store, but they'll be back!

Both apps recently went missing from the Purchased list of Mac App Store account users. But don't worry, they'll be back. Sources indicate that Apple knows about the problem and is taking steps to correct it.

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The Mac App Store as a second-class developer experience

Should Mac App Store developers expect the same level of support from Apple as iOS developers?

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How to download apps from the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store is one of the safest and most convenient ways to download software to your Mac.

Apple configures the Mac spectacularly well: Your new computer comes with free, pre-installed software that helps you surf the web, create great-looking documents, edit photos and videos, listen to music and more. But there are thousands of additional applications that you can download through the Mac App Store to give your computer even more capabilities. They run the gamut: utilities, productivity tools, games, and everything else imaginable. Thousands of Mac developers offer apps from the Mac App Store, and they're yours for the taking.

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