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Picasa for Mac gets new Google+ Auto Backup application

If you're using Google's Picasa photo application for Mac – and Windows – then the latest update will bring you a new, Google+ Auto Backup application. It works much like the feature does on mobile; unlimited uploads to your Google Drive at 2048px wide, or full resolution backups as your storage allows.

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Let.ter for Mac adds Markdown, removes the inbox from your email

An email app without an inbox; that can't work, can it? Well, Let.ter for Mac – and specifically OS X Mavericks – goes down that very path, offering you the ability to write emails, and nothing more.

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AirServer update lets you record, save video from your iOS device

AirServer, a Mac tool that turns you Mac into an AirPlay receiver, has been updated to version 5.0. With AirServer, you can do anything you could do with an Apple TV, like watch video or mirror the display of your iOS device.

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Apple updates Final Cut Pro X with improved 4K support, optimizations for new Mac Pro

Besides making the new Mac Pro available to order today, Apple has also updated Final Cut Pro X to version 10.1, optimizing it for use with the new powerhouse's dual-GPU's for playback and rendering. And, since you might well be dealing with 4K video as well, video monitoring up to 4K is possible on supported Macs via Thunderbolt 2 or HDMI, and there's a bundle of 4K content like transitions, titles and generators.

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Sound Siphon turns your Mac apps into audio inputs

Sound Siphon is a new app for the Mac that can turn the audio output of an application into an audio input device. Normally, when making a recording on your make, using Quicktime, for instance, you'll use a microphone for audio input. What Sound Siphon allows you to do is designate your Mac, or specific applications like iTunes and Safari, as audio input devices, then record the audio from those apps with your chosen recording app.

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Airmail update brings new app integration, several improvements and fixes

Airmail has been updated to version 1.3, adding several new features, as well as making a host of improvements and fixes. New features include collapsable folders, a new search engine, and new flags and filters.

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1Password 4.1 for Mac adds password updates from the browser

1Password 4 for Mac hasn't long been with us, but the folks at Agilebits are now pushing out version 4.1, something they're calling "the little big update." Top of the order is something they've wanted to include for sometime:

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Amazon Cloud Player for Mac and Windows now available in the UK

More Amazon Cloud Player news today and this time it's good news for Brits, as the Mac and Windows client is now available to download from Amazon UK. The app itself has been around for Mac users for a few weeks, but having downloaded from Amazon U.S. I found the app completely unusable, but with this British version, all is well.

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PhotoSweeper for Mac review: Rid yourself of duplicate pictures effortlessly

PhotoSweeper for Mac really only has one main goal, and that's to help you clean up unwanted duplicate or like photos from your Mac, no matter where they're hiding. If you're anything like me, you most likely take many photos in order to get the perfect one. While this practice almost always helps you get the results you want, it also results in lots of cleanup duty on your Mac later. That's where PhotoSweeper comes in...

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Instacast podcast app for Mac now available from the Mac App Store

Popular Podcast client Instacast has finally made its Mac version available for purchase from the Mac App Store. The app itself has been available to purchase since May from the Instacast website, but putting it in the Mac App Store opens it up to a wider audience.

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