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Mail Tips

How to use draft cards in Mail for iOS 8

iOS 8 brings a lot of updates to the built-in Mail app on both iPhone and iPad. One of the best new features is easily the way you can now handle draft emails. Prior to iOS 8, if you started composing email and needed something from your inbox or couldn't complete the message, you'd be forced to put it in the drafts folder, which required several taps to get back to. Now with draft cards, you can easily access your entire mailbox and your drafts in just a swipe and a tap.

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How to capture contact and calendar info automatically in Mail for iOS 8

The Mail app has gotten even smarter in iOS 8 thanks to smart data detection notifications. If an email contains items such as addresses, phone numbers, or even things like flight information, the Mail app can make calendar and contact suggestions based on the context. For example, entering an upcoming flight into your calendar can now be done in as little as three taps. Here's how:

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How to add a Gmail or Google apps account to your iPhone or iPad using an app-specific password

If you have a Gmail or Google apps account that has two-step verification enabled, the process of linking your account to your iPhone or iPad is slightly different, as you may have found out if you attempted to sign in and got an incorrect password error. This is because you'll need to generate an app-specific password for your iPhone or iPad in order to securely link them to your Gmail or Google Apps account.

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How to use archive and trash simultaneously in the iOS 8 Mail app

One of the main reasons I've used third party mail apps such as Mailbox for such a long time is because the stock iOS Mail app has never made it easy to use archive and trash simultaneously. Sometimes I don't want to archive an email, I want to delete it. And other times I want to archive but not delete. If I can't have both options conveniently at my fingertips, that doesn't work for me. Luckily, iOS 8 brings swipe options that actually let archive and trash play nice together for the first time. You've just got to change a few settings first!

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How to send large email attachments from your iPhone or iPad with Dropbox

The iPhone and iPad make great email companions, thanks to the built-in Mail app. Unfortunately, large attachments can eat lots of data, or worse, not send at all. Luckily services like Dropbox are making it easier than ever to share files via email, no matter how big they are. Once you've got the file in Dropbox, you can send it via the Mail app in just a few taps!

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How to replace or define words on iPhone and iPad

Apps that use the built-in text editing features of iOS, including Apple's own Notes and Mail not only lets you do the basics โ€” cut, copy, and paste โ€” but also let find replacement words if the one you typed didn't autocorrect exactly right, look up definitions to words you aren't sure about, and even add or remove different dictionaries depending on which languages and dialects you want to use. All of it is contained in the popup menu, and all of it is simple and easy to do once you know how.

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How to create multiple email signatures on your iPhone and iPad

If you've got more than one email account on your iPhone or iPad, for example, an iCloud account, Gmail account, and/or a Hotmail/Outlook/Exchange account, or a work, school, and/or personal account, you'll probably want and need separate email signatures for each account. Maybe you don't want work contacts having your personal cell number, but you'd like personal contacts to. Whatever the reason, iOS lets you easily add multiple signatures for use in the [Mail app]( "Apple Mail app for iOS and OS X).

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How to create HTML email signatures on your iPhone and iPad

If you've got an iPhone and iPad, you most likely have all your mail accounts linked to it through the Mail app. Not only can you create multiple email signatures for each account, you can also add HTML links such as links to a website or email address. This is a great way to give people you email access to useful information without them having to ask for it.

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Getting connection errors in Mail for iPhone or iPad? Here's how to fix them!

The iPhone and iPad's built-in Mail app is a great way to get all your email for all your accounts in one place. But just like any other app, it isn't completely error proof either. One of the most common errors that you may is the dreaded "Connection to the server failed" message. Other common error messages include server not responding messages and password errors. If you're receiving any of these messages, here are some steps that can help you troubleshoot and resolve the problem in no time!

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How to set up iCloud Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and more on your iPhone or iPad

If you didn't originally set up your iPhone or iPad with iCloud, or if you want to use a different iCloud account than you do for iTunes purchases, you may need to sign in and set up iCloud outside of the initial setup process. In some cases, you may simply want to add an additional account to your device, you can add an iCloud account at any time via the Settings app.

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