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March Madness

Best March Madness apps

March Madness is upon us. Here are the best apps to help you keep up-to-date on your teams and to catch every game live.

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Apple TV gets ready for March Madness with new channel from the ACC and Campus Insiders

A new sports channel, a partnership between the Atlantic Coast Conference and sports website Campus Insiders, has appeared on the Apple TV. The channel hosts several on-demand programs from both the ACC and Campus Insiders, with game highlights from ACC schools, such as Clemson, Duke, and Florida State, interviews with players and coaches, and more.

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Best March Madness apps for iPhone: NCAA Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN Tournament Challenge, and more!

March Madness is upon us and all the basketball fans will no doubt want to keep up with all the action. If there's a game you can't watch, your iPhone can easily let you check scores, view brackets, and more. These are currently the best App Store apps for iPhone to help you keep up with March Madness!

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Stay informed about NCAA March Madness with theScore Mobile for iPhone and iPad

With the 2013 March Madness basketball tournament in full swing, you may want to stay informed with up-to-the-second scores and the latest news, and you can with theScore Mobile for iPhone and iPad. With theScore Mobile, you can receive notifications when games start and close, the score at halftime, and news about your favorite teams and players.

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Simple Bracket helps you track March Madness 2013

Simple Bracket is an iPhone app by Studio Neat for filling in brackets for March Madness and competing with your friends and family. What makes Simple Bracket special is it's easy-to-use interface and sophisticated scoring system.

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Watch every March Madness game with NCAA March Madness Live for iPhone and iPad

Spring is in the air which means it's the season for March Madness. With NCAA March Madness Live for iPhone and iPad, you don't have to worry about missing a game or losing track of the bracket.

NCAA March Madness Live is available for free and let's you listen to live game radio of all 67 games and has a live social chatter for teams in every game. You can also track the bracket, follow scores and player stats, get alerts for game highlights, and fil out your official NCAA Bracket Challenge bracket.

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CBS Sports NCAA March Madness and At Bat 2010 Now Available for iPhone

Spring is in the air and March is a perfect time for all you sports fans out there to get your daily fix with the release of CBS Sports March Madness [iTunes Link - $9.99] and At Bat 2010 [iTunes Link - $14.99].

For the full list of features to both of these great sport applications, follow us after the break!

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Would You Pay $5 to Watch March Madness on your iPhone over WiFi?

CBS aims to find out the answer to that very question when it puts a new, March Madness-centric iPhone WiFi streaming app up on the App Store. Will free competition from TV, PC, Mac -- and pretty much every other platform out there -- along with no cell access to video (audio only on 3G and EDGE) make the price tag too high? Or will rabid college hoops fans who can't put their iPhone's down swallow the costs and the radio tether?

Apple Insider says:

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