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Halo: Spartan Strike and Spartan Assault add Xbox achievements on iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has updated both Halo: Spartan Strike and Spartan Assault third-person shooter games for the iPhone and iPad to version 1.1. Both games now include Xbox Live support for unlocking Xbox achievements and comparing scores with friends via leaderboards.

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella used an iPhone to demo Microsoft apps and services

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made an appearance this week at the Salesforce Dreamforce conference and he demoed a number of Microsoft features aimed at business customers. The demos included one where he used an iPhone to show off Microsoft-based apps and services.

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Skype text messages can now show short movie and TV show-based 'Mojis' clips

Microsoft is rolling out a new feature for Skype text messangers called "Mojis". It allows them to insert pre-created clips based on movies and TV shows in their text messages, similar to emojis symbols.

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Skype gets a new design and enhanced search on iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has launched version 6.0 of its Skype messaging app for both the iPhone and iPad. It includes a new user interface design, along with improvements to search and more.

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Bing Search app for iPhone updated with Apple Watch support and more

Microsoft has updated its Bing Search app for the iPhone, which adds Apple Watch support for checking what's currently trending on the Internet with Bing's Popular Now feature.

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Outlook iPhone and iPad users can now open Office attachments in Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Microsoft is adding new integration features in its Outlook app for the iPhone and iPad, allowing users to open Office documents sent as attachments directly in their respective iOS apps, along with other new additions.

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Microsoft Translator app now available on iPhone and Apple Watch

Microsoft has launched its Translator app for the iPhone and Apple Watch, allowing owners of those devices to communicate in 50 different languages.

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Groove is the new name for Microsoft's Xbox Music app on the iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has rebranded its Xbox Music app for the iPhone and the iPad with the new Groove name, as it has already done for the Windows 10, Android, Xbox One and web versions.

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Office apps for iPhone and iPad gain viewing of protected files and more

Microsoft has updated the Word, Excel and PowerPoint Office apps for iPhone and iPad to version 1.11. They include a way to view protected files, a way to send a document as an attachement in Outlook and more.

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Microsoft Send puts an instant messaging spin on email

Microsoft has unveiled Send, a new app that puts a new spin on email, treating it more like instant messaging.

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