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Best jailbreak apps for iPad and iPad mini

If you've jailbroken your iPad or iPad mini, there's lots of apps and tweaks available that can not only make using your iPad much more enjoyable, but enhance core iOS features and make them a lot better. It's not uncommon for Apple to implement jailbreak ideas and concepts in future versions of iOS, but why wait when you can have them now?

There's lots of jailbreak tweaks and apps available in Cydia and weeding through them all can be a task. We've already told you our favorite jailbreak apps for iPhone and these are our favorites for the iPad and iPad mini.

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Best jailbreak apps for iPhone

While Apple continues to improve iOS with every iteration, even with iOS 6, there are still some feature gaps left to be filled. That's where jailbreaking, like always, comes to the rescue. Whether it's actionable notifications, gesture shortcuts, faster toggles, or something else, jailbreak makes a great OS even better.

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