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Nest's former head of technology joins Apple

Former head of technology at Nest, Yoky Matsuoka, has joined Apple to work on health initiatives such as HealthKit and ResearchKit.

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Nest can now better determine when you're home or away

Nest has announced the roll out of Family accounts and home/away assist. These handy new features will enable households to better configure their Nest setup.

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Third-generation Nest arrives in the UK for £199

Alphabet has announced that the third-gen Nest smart thermostat is now readily available for purchase in the UK. The latest version of the smart connected home accessory was launched a few months ago and has already been made available in the US. You can now buy it here in the UK for £199.99.

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Nest's third-gen thermostat introduces a sleeker look and feel

Alphabet has today launched the third-generation Nest Thermostat, introducing a more sleek and efficient appliance for the home. The new thermostat has improved components, more sensors and the ability to make you feel even more comfortable in your own home.

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Apple pulls Nest products from online and retail stores

Apple has confirmed that it has removed Nest products from both its online store, as well as its retail locations, shortly after unveiling the first HomeKit-enabled products in June.

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Nest Cam now available in the UK for £159

The Nest Cam has made its way across the pond, and is now available in the UK for £159. Customers who purchase the new camera before August 4 will get a 60 day trial of Nest Aware as well.

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Five great WiFi thermostats to make your home smarter

Looking for a sweet new WiFi thermostat but not sure what's out there? Take a look at these fine options.

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ADT teams up with LG and Nest for secure home automation products due later this year

ADT announced today that it will team up with LG and Nest to launch new home automation products later this year.

Home security company ADT is teaming up with LG and Nest to launch new home automation products later this year, including an all-in-one "Smart Security" product from LG, and integration with ADT's Pulse platform with Nest products.

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Nest thermostats can now talk to Philips Hue, third-party smart locks and more

After launching the Works with Nest initiative last year, Nest is announcing a slew of new partnerships that include Philips, LG, Insteon, Withings and more. The new integrations mean that your Nest thermostat will be able to communicate with a wider range of devices and services.

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At the Core: Holidays and the connected home

Greetings and happy December 29, iMore! The major winter holidays have mostly passed us by, and hopefully you've survived — and dare I hope, enjoyed — the family get-togethers, the excess food, and terrible party games.

Some of you are undoubtedly back at work today, while others are still enjoying the last fragments of a winter vacation. Me, I'm somewhere in-between. Clearly, I'm at work today (well, that, or robo-Serenity has gotten much better at writing columns in the last two weeks) but I'm doing so from my parents' new house, sitting on the couch in front of our Christmas tree.

It's a nice view — much comfier than my office back in Massachusetts. But staring at that tree today got me thinking. We're venturing ever closer to 2015, and 2014's technology has brought us ever closer to the ideal "home of the future". But I'm not sure if we're there yet.

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