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Catch up on the 2016 Oscar nominees before the awards!

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, but you can watch many of the nominees right now on iTunes or Amazon!

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Kate Winslet, Michael Fassbender pick up Oscar nominations for 'Steve Jobs' roles

Steve Jobs, the biopic about the late Apple co-founder and CEO, has received two Oscar nominations for acting. Michael Fassbender was nominated in the Best Actor category, while Kate Winslet received a Best Supporting Actress nod.

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ABC to stream Oscars live through their app... but there's a catch

ABC will stream the Oscars live this year via its Watch ABC app on the iPhone and iPad for certain customers. The app will also feature backstage content from the event, along with the live preshow and ceremony themselves.

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Re-live every iPhone TV advertisement starting with the original 2007 “Hello”

If you are feeling nostalgic or just have some time to kill, you can now re-live every single advert that Apple has made for its iPhone device. The iPhone was first introduced back in 2007 and the first advert to hit our screens was called “Hello”.

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UPDATED: Apple Debuts iPad Commercial During Oscars

It looks like the iPad did indeed decide to join Steve Jobs at the 82nd Academy Awards, at least in the for of Apple's first official commercial. Is the Oscar setting fitting for a media consumption power house, or was it just the huge audience?

It featured a song like iPod touch commercials, rather than music like the iPhone. In this case, There Goes My Love by The Blue Van [iTunes link via TUAW]. Visually, it showed a variety of features, point-of-view on iPad's held on a variety of laps. You can watch it now via Apple.com [Thanks Swiftman!].

It ended with the US shipping date of April 3rd.

UPDATE: Video after the jump:

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Steve Jobs on Oscars Red Carpet

Likely there to cheer for Up and Pixar, Disney's largest shareholder (oh, and Apple CEO!) Steve Jobs walks the Oscar red carpet at the Academy Awards.

(No, we don't know who he was wearing, or if he had an iPad in an extra-large, Stephen Colbert-sized tux pocket, okay?)

(WayneSutton.net via @TUAW)

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iPhone Apps for the Oscars

From official Oscars preparation to six-degress of separation, production information to ratings aggregation, the iTunes App Store has something for pretty much everyone. Here's a sampling of iPhone and iPod touch apps to keep you company during the 2010 Academy Awards.

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