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How to delete your search history and destinations in Maps on iPhone and iPad

Don't want to keep track of where you've been recently? Delete your destination and route history!

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How to delete your Yahoo! data and shut down your account

In light of Yahoo's recent consumer privacy missteps, you might be interested in closing down your Yahoo! account and scrubbing clean your data. Turns out, it's actually quite simple to do!

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How to enable the Guest User account on your Mac

There are lots of reasons to use the Guest User feature on your Mac. For most of us that'll be so others don't have unauthorized access to our files and settings. You can limit what they can and can't do fairly easily so you can be sure at all times that no one is doing things on your Mac that they shouldn't. Here's how to turn on the Guest User account:

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Pokémon Go, Google, Facebook, and the surrender of privacy

In a dystopian future where all privacy has been stripped, will it be because our data was taken, or because we gave it away?

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Apple's data collection in iOS 10 will be opt-in

When iOS 10 debuts this fall, its differential privacy feature, which aims to collect your data without compromising your privacy, will be opt-in.

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How to manage Privacy settings on iPhone and iPad

Privacy is a front-facing, top-of-line feature for Apple, and the settings on your iPhone and iPad reflect that.

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Apple's 'privacy czars' help limit customer data collection

In order to protect user privacy, Apple utilizes a team of so-called "privacy czars" to examine projects that might need to collect customer data.

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Hacker who leaked explicit celebrity photos from iCloud pleads guilty

Ryan Collins has pleaded guilty to unauthorized access to a computer in a trial where he has been charged with hacking more than 50 iCloud and 70 Gmail accounts. Collins admitted to gaining access between November 2012 and September 2014 to search through accounts for explicit material to leak online.

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Comic: Before and After

Ed: Welcome to this week's edition of The Pixel Project: a weekly comic from Diesel Sweeties' Rich Stevens on Apple, technology, and everything in-between. Today: Before and After

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Steve Jobs on the critical need for privacy

Steve Jobs expounds on the urgent need for privacy in the age of information technology.

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