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privacy issues

Instagram comments on changes in Terms of Service, they're not selling your photos

Instagram users were in a uproar this morning after the company made changes to their terms of service. Namely, what they can do with your content that you upload to the service. Instagram has now commented on their on blog to clarify what those changes mean and how they really affect end users.

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How to download your photos from Instagram and delete your account

In the recent wake of Instagram's policy changes, many iPhone and iPad users are left with the decision of keeping their accounts or deleting them and migrating to something else. As long as you do so before January 16th, Instagram can't use or sell any of your information.

If you decide you want to delete your Instagram profile, you'll probably want all of your photos in a safe place before doing so. Not sure how to do that? Follow along and we'll walk you through saving all your Instagram photos and finally, deleting your account.

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