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privacy settings

How to manage and control your Facebook subscribers with Facebook for iOS

Facebook allows you to not only have friends that can see all of what's posted on your timeline, but lets you subscribe to others that may not be your friends. Only public posts will be viewable to those people.

If you prefer not to have public subscribers and followers on Facebook or want to customize whether or not they can comment on your public posts, you can do so easily with Facebook for both iPhone and iPad. Here's how:

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How to control what photos, statuses, and check-ins your friends tag you in with Facebook for iPhone and iPad

We've all had those times where our friends and family members upload Facebook photos of us that we preferred they didn't. At that point, your option is really to delete the photo or hide it from your timeline. And what if you don't want your location shared but friends start checking you in places without your knowledge?

If you prefer screening the content people tag you in before it ends up on your Facebook timeline, you can easily do so by changing some account settings. Here's how:

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How to manage Notification Center alerts and Do Not Disturb for iPhone and iPad

Today on Talk Mobile we're talking about whether or not we have trouble putting down our smartphones. How connected we are nowadays by a device that fits in the palm of our hands can sometimes make us forget about real life going on around us.

The iPhone and iPad both have notification options that can make separating our real world lives and digital lives a little more manageable. Let's take a look at how Notification Center and Do Not Disturb mode can help.

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How to enable and use private browsing in Safari for iOS

Safari for iPhone and iPad will track your search history by default. For users that either share devices with other users or just don't want people nosing through their porn browsing history - hey, we don't judge! - you can enable private browsing which won't track what you're doing and what sites you're visiting.

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How to adjust privacy settings in the Facebook app for iPhone and iPad

Today on Talk Mobile the topic is social network privacy, with a particular emphasis on Facebook and employers. The question of the week is whether or not your employer should be entitled to ask for your Facebook password. Most of us will most likely say absolutely not.

That doesn't mean they can't snoop anything you haven't made private or available to only friends. That's why it's a good idea to check your Facebook privacy settings now and again. You can even do it right from the Facebook app for iPhone and iPad. Here's how:

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How to clear all website data from Safari on iPhone and iPad

Whether you know it or not, your iPhone and iPad actually tracks what you're doing in Safari for several reasons. The main ones being to speed up browsing and to store logins. On the down side, website data can also be used for tracking purposes. If you'd rather not have sites track you, clearing out this data now and again is a good idea.

Here's how:

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How to disable access to certain areas of the screen with Guided Access for iPhone and iPad

If you've got an iPhone or iPad running iOS 6 or higher, you've got Guided Access. This feature is especially great to use with small children that you don't want to have access to certain apps. Once you've launched them into the app they are allowed to be in, you can take it one step further by disabling touch for certain areas of the screen you may not want them having access to.

Follow along and we'll show you how.

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How to grant or deny access to your location with iOS 6 privacy controls

iOS 6 brings with it granular privacy controls so you can now fine tune exactly what built-in and App Store apps can access your location and share it on a pre-app basis. If you prefer not to have any apps accessing your location, you can disable location services altogether. If you don't want your favorite Twitter app to locate you, you can turn it off while still allowing your Weather app or the Camera access.

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How to grant or deny access to your contacts with iOS 6 privacy controls

iOS 6 brings a lot of new features with it, including granular Privacy controls in Settings. Given previous controversies surrounding apps accessing your contacts, it's important to make sure that only apps you specifically allow have access to your contacts, and only for as long as you allow it. With Privacy, you can grant and revoke permission to access your contacts at any time.

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