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Reddit to experiment with proper profiles, users predictably freak out

In an effort to be more friendly to content creators of all kinds, Reddit is testing personal profiles so people can conveniently see everything from that person in one place. Redditors are, predictably, unhappy with the decision.

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Third-party Reddit apps coming back online after being removed for NSFW content

Earlier today, Apple started cracking down on third-party Reddit apps on the App Store for NSFW content. Apple said that the Reddit clients violated clause 18.2 of the App Review Guidelines as they contained "user generated content that is frequently pornographic."

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Official Reddit app for iPhone is finally available

The official Reddit app for iPhone is finally here. This app was built in-house by the Reddit team, and will offer a fast experience that has you in mind. You can download the app from the App Store now.

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Twitter, eBay, Reddit, Kickstarter and more formally back Apple in FBI fight

A group of 16 tech companies, including Twitter, eBay, Reddit and Kickstarter, filed a joint "friend of the court" statement supporting the FBI in its legal fight to prevent it from creating a backdoor to an unlocked iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooting suspects.

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Reddit takes Alien Blue in-house as official iOS app

Reddit now has an official iOS app again. The company has acquired the Alien Blue app along with its creator Jase Morrissey. Despite having its own official app, Reddit says that it is still committed to third-party apps that tap into its community and discussions. The Alien Blue app will continue to keep its name and Reddit will make the iPhone and iPad versions free.

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Reddit makes AMA sessions easier to digest with official iPhone and iPad app

One of the more popular areas of Reddit is the Ask Me Anything subreddit, enabling visitors to engage with others who are holding an AMA session to answer all questions put forward. The website has launched an official app on iPhone and iPad since these sessions can attract a fair number of Reddit users. It can often be difficult for anyone to follow exactly what's being published by the author. This dedicated app is set a neat solution.

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Job listings hint at official Reddit apps for Android and iOS

According to a new job listing, official Reddit apps are in the works for Android and iOS. Reddit is a super-popular social networking site focused on news aggregation alongside general findings that people come across. The job posting was published by Reddit admin taxidermyunicornhead in the For Hire subreddit.

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The Office for iPad team does a Q&A on Reddit, here are the highlights

Microsoft launched Office for iPad nearly two weeks ago. Now iPad owners can enjoy view Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Have (or obtain as Microsoft would like) an Office 365 subscription and youโ€™re able to not just view documents, but edit them as well. The apps have seen over 12 million downloads since launch. The Office for iPad team just wrapped up an AMA on Reddit where they shared a lot of interesting facts about the product. Highlights from the Q&A below.

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Alien Blue - Reddit Client updated to version 2.5

The popular Reddit client, Alien Blue, has been updated with new features and improvements including Secure SSL authentication, revised posts and comments screens, and updated launch image.

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