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How to search Apple Music and your music library

There's a new, universal search feature in both the Music app and iTunes 12.2 that can find songs, playlists, albums, and artists—whether they’re locally-stored or available in Apple’s online catalog. If you don't subscribe to Apple Music, you’ll be able to search Apple Music radio stations and the iTunes Store in lieu of the streaming catalog.

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App Store and the need for sloppier search

The App Store was introduced in 2008 and, as of this year, there are well over one million apps for iPhone and iPad. While Apple has scaled their ability to serve those apps to hundreds of millions of customers, search is still a frequent cause for complaint.

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Competitors reportedly take aim as Apple/Google search deal nears expiration

It appears that both Yahoo and Microsoft are both lobbying Apple to try and replace Google as the default search engine in Safari. Apple's deal with Google is set to expire early next year, and both Microsoft and Yahoo apparently feel that this is the right time to try to grab a lucrative deal with Apple out from under Mountain View. Both companies have reportedly held talks with Apple SVP Eddy Cue, according to The Information:

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Google Now voice search edges out Siri and Cortana in comparison

Over the course of 3086 queries made by digital marketing consulting firm Stone Temple, Android's voice-activated search through Google Now returned 1795 results enhanced with custom content, while Siri on the iPhone served up 908 knowledge panels, and Windows Phone's Cortana gave 630. Knowledge panels are custom-built to answer specific types of questions, and do more than just shoot back web results.

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Yahoo really really wants to be the default search engine for iPhones and iPads

Fire up Safari on your iPhone or iPad today and you'll most likely find Google as the default search engine — but if Yahoo has their way that might change. Users have the option to change from Google to other search providers such as Bing or Yahoo, but Google's had the default spot locked down for some time thanks to the handsome sum they've been paying Apple for the privilege. But Microsoft's Bing is the default search used in Siri, so count that as a win for Redmond. Yahoo isn't too happy that Google holds the crown jewel default search in Safari, and they're apparently aiming to convince Apple to change that.

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iOS gets a new Google Search app, and it holds its own against Android

Google today announced an updated Search app for iOS devices. That in and of itself is should be cause for celebration, but it's the the new voice search that has us particularly excited. (Especially since Siri hasn't quite lived up to expectations.)

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Push notifications, search come to Netbot for

Both push notifications and search have come to Tapbots' popular (ADN) client, Netbot, thanks to today's version 1.1. Update. While push notifications was likely the last big missing piece on many people's ADN puzzles -- our own Netbot review included -- both new features nicely round out what was already one of the best clients on any platform.

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Apple getting cut of Baidu ad revenue

Baidu, China's most prominent search engine, has an ad revenue sharing agreement in place with Apple, according to a recent phone interview. There aren't any details on exactly how much of a cut Apple is getting, but apparently it's similar to what Baidu has in place with Google for their Android handset. An analyst estimated that Baidu distributes less than 10% of mobile ad revenue with manufacturers.

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Baidu rumored to be included as search engine option for Chinese iPhones

Baidu, China's most popular search engine, may be wriggling its way onto the iPhone soon, which corroborates with whispers we had heard late last month.

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iPhone 5 to be another Google killer -- but with a twist

iMore has learned that Apple wants to remove Google from iOS, at least as much as is possible. A couple of years ago Steve Jobs called a Town Hall meeting at Apple and rallied the troops by saying the next iPhone, which was to be the iPhone 4, would be an A+ update and take it to the turncoat Google and their Android operating system. According to our sources, a similar sentiment is being expressed by Apple in Cupertino again this year, but with a decidedly different twist. Instead of just hitting Google and Android in the market place with better hardware and software, and in the courts with patent litigation, they're going to hit them where it really hurts.

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