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Skype makes striking up a conversation with a bot much easier on iPhone and iPad

The folks at Skype have made it much easier to find a bot to strike up a conversation with on iPhone and iPad.

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Skype now allows for sharing of files, photos and videos of up to 300MB

Microsoft is allowing all users of its Skype VoIP service to share files, photos and videos of up to 300MB each with friends and groups.

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Mac version of Skype for Business hits public preview

Microsoft has launched the first public preview version of its Mac Skype for Business client. There will be two more preview stages before it is released to the general public in the third quarter of 2016.

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Skype bots can now chat with you on your Mac

Microsoft has added support for bots to the Mac version of Skype, allowing those users of the VoIP service to chat with AI messaging bots.

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Microsoft's new Skype bot Project Murphy can merge two things into one

Microsoft has just launched "Project Murphy", a Skype bot that will merge two things together into one picture if you type in "What if..;" questions like. "What if Arnold was Superman?"

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You can now text to an AI bot with Skype on iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has update Skype for the iPhone and iPad, adding in a preview of text chatting with AI bots. Audio and video bot chat is slated for Skype sometime in the future.

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Microsoft is retiring the Skype Qik video messaging app on March 24

Microsoft has announced it will retire the Skype Qik video messaging app on March 24. Many of the app's features have been incorporated into the main Skype app.

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Microsoft plans to have you video calling groups of friends by the end of March

Microsoft has announced plans to have the world video calling groups of friends on Skype by the end of March. The company posted the announcement, which covers Android-powered tablets and phones, as well as the iPhone and iPad.

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Skype for iPhone update brings video saving feature and Valentine's Day hearts

Microsoft has updated Skype for the iPhone with a few new features, including a way to save received videos to the phone's Photos file, along with some special hearts emoji for Valentine's Day.

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Skype teams up with Paul McCartney to create new love-themed 'Mojis'

Skype has partnered with Paul McCartney to create a new set of love-themed Moji characters just in time for Valentine's Day.

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